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  1. Hehe, no banker here (un?)fortunately. Just a uni student living at home with a dad who has paid off the mortgage a while back and potentially buying a house on this street means that we would be trading down lol. Hmmmm, some food for thought. So the consensus here seems to be mention no numbers. Makes sense. I have favourited this thread, so if anything does come out of this arrow in the dark, I will post it here. lol fair enough. I'm a bit too chicken to knock on peoples' doors, think I will stick to a speculative letter.
  2. Cheers. Good to know that writing a letter this way has been done before! I won't feel so strange approaching this way now. Final question related to this, if I may........I have a relative living in this area and he knows the location inside out and so has a perfect idea on what the home is worth. Fortunately, I won't be requiring a mortgage to potentially purchase this property and I know that I can actually pay a few thou more than its basic bricks value. So In the speculative letter that I will be writing, should I mention something along the lines of 'willing to pay more than value' and g
  3. I live in London, UK and there is a property on a street that is for sale, however, it needs total modernisation and is not habitable currently. As I really like the street and it's location, do you think I could possibly approach other house owners on the same street to find out if they would consider selling their house? No other house is listed as for sale on the street, so how would I go about doing this? Drop them a letter through the mail? Is it even ok to approach people like this? I don't wanna come across as some sort of mafia ciminal, LOL, like "sell me your house or else!"..... Do
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