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  1. Having been viewing properties on the net over many years quite a few in this part of the wood are either priced for a quick sale or have no chain. What are the main factors of people selling with no chain?
  2. Sorry i'm from Nottingham in the east midlands.
  3. For some reason I cannot post in main, Recently i've been looking at properties in my old area and normally they take ton 4 months to sell but when I viewed them the other week there was a dozen that has sold sstc. Whats going off?
  4. if there is a website that I can view rented house prices on sorry if this is off topic i've looked everywhere on google but to no avail. I want something similar to rightmove's house price for privet propertys.
  5. I'm not sure whats going off but in March I found a topic describing houses been sold days after coming on the market I like looking at houses in my old area and in the last year they have taken months to sell. Yesterday whilst I was viewing the list on Rightmove there was well over a duozen properties that have sold without displaying under over just come up suddenly as sstc. Anbody have any idea whats going on?
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