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  1. The quickest way in getting the offer reduced, is once the amount take off has been agreed - ask your solicitor to ask for the amount as an 'Allowance for Works' as means you don't have to go through the whole rigmarole of the bank of getting a new mortgage offer (which you would potentially have to do). Basically means the solicitors take the amount out of how ever much you're borrowing from the bank and give you the cash before giving the rest to the vendor [i.e. nothing changes as far as bank is concerned - so faster]. That's what we've done.
  2. What a joker. He sent an email to me saying he's no longer involved with the Coffee shop and that we have to get the money off them - when initially it was him who was seeing the whole coffee shop refurb and it everything was under his instruction. Landlord is getting involved now. GRRRR
  3. Thanks, I think I'm going to have to do this, just to put him in his place more than anything! Have contacted the landlord as well to see if there's anything he can do.
  4. Ok - he is just a knob. Wrote a very polite letter reminding him of the outstanding money and he's just posted the letter straight back through our door. guess that means we're getting nothing from him then. Dick!
  5. i found a house i really liked which was initially on for £230k (out of our budget), it went down in price every month and 2 sales fell through. We then gave them a final offer of £196k and they accepted - there's no chain our end on theirs. So for me, I felt it was a good time to buy. Have been wanting to move into a bigger place for ages now, but the thought of paying more agency fees, higher rent etc put me off and I'm lucky enough to have quite a bit of savings so bit the bullet and went for it.
  6. Thanks for all your replies! It's good to know that I'm not being petty by wanted at least some compensation for the stuff that's been binned! When the sign was up for the lease of the shop - I did see A3 being advertised so I think it must have previously been a cafe at one point in it's lifetime. I dont' really have an issue with the current shop owner or landlord, especially as we're looking to move out really soon anyway. It sounds like they're being quiet about turning the garden into a coffee shop garden (I think this was really driven by the clothes shop owner than by them), so unless
  7. I'm just at the point where I want to do something completely immature and post poo in his letter box because he is such a c*o*c*k. Surely a normal human being would have asked the people living at the property if there was anything in the garden they wanted to keep before chucking our stuff away? Not only did he chuck stuff away from our garden, but there was gardening things (including pots, gardening tools, weed killer) in our basement which was the entrance to the garden and all of those stuff were chucked away as well. Surely that is crossing the line??? He's seriously, a very unpleas
  8. Complicated story. Basically the landlord owns the whole building which includes 2 flats, shop on the ground floor and also a garden which is shared between the flats. Over the summer, the landlord leased the empty shop downstairs so it will be turned into a coffee shop. We found out, it was being leased to the clothes shop owner next door. Our landlord visited us as we had a few issues that needed to be dealt with, and he informed us that the clothes shop owner was intending to turn the garden into a coffee shop garden... We weren't sure about this and was working out how this will affect
  9. As echoed in the post above, because of the location - it's close to the city centre.
  10. Thanks for your patronising comments. I do actually have friends living in Bedminster/Southville area who all enjoy living there. I do research where I'm going to buy, I'm not going to buy somewhere blindly without looking at what I'm getting myself into. Have actually had an offer accepted on a house, my work colleague used to live on that road last year and said it's a friendly place to live so I'm confident that I'm not going to have horrible time living there.
  11. I had a mate who was bottled at Stokes Croft after he was hugging his male friend and saying goodbye to him - the person thought he was gay and thought this was a good reason to bottle him. Also someone else had their bike nicked, the police said they knew who nicked it but couldnt' do anything about it as he was the known drug lord there so would make matters worse if he wanted the police to prosecute him. Also I was walking on Gloucester Road at night back from a party and saw a couple physically abuse each other... nice Not to mention another mate who was threatened quite a few times by a
  12. You can't get a house in Montpelier, Clifton, Cotham or Redland for £200k. I'm sick of living in a flat.
  13. try again! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29625548.html Maybe I'll just sit and wait to see how the budget cuts really hit Bristol then...
  14. I've been following this property for quite a while now: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29625548 It's been on the market since April and they have been stubborn and refused to lower their price this whole time. We've made an offer back in July of £200k which they rejected and the estate agent said they would accept a minimum of £204k which we said no to. I still like the house and emailed the estate agent again to see if the owners are now willing to accept lower offers and they said they think they will. I don't want to offer £200k, not when the budget cut is final
  15. Well, we've finally called the estate agents again to see what was happening. He said, basically they've actually had a few offers for 200k now, and they have said no to all of them. He said they're looking for 204-205 (he thinks), as they actually put the property on at what they thought was a low price [209k] They must be dreaming, especially as the market is going down and the fact that noone is offering over £200K. It's been on the market since April, and the price hasn't changed at all! A house on the same road sold back in January for £192,500 which was a 2 bed terrace. The only dif
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