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  1. Long term storage of food containing tomato (particularly in glass containers) can be problematic. However ... http://www.foodreference.com/html/cans-extreme.html
  2. Small article about it in the Metro free newspaper today, that will be read by a fair few people ...
  3. +1, all those fragile, grasping egos are in for a shock
  4. While this idea may or may not hurt the banks it is the potential response of governments in reaction to it ie if it starts snowballing the politicians might panic - three day bank holiday anyone? Now that would certainly focus the minds of the vast, apathetic majority (nips out to buy a weeks worth of fags and a big bottle of brandy ...)
  5. Good point; I think this desperation has been going on for a while now. I am not in debt and have no responsibilities/obligations so am quite laid back at my work-place, unfortunately my colleagues are not! Having to work with over-extended, fearful people is a pain in the ****, they are continually ruining the atmos with all their maneuvering and scheming, particularly the management. Here's a good example http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2839452 Plus I've witnessed two violent episodes this weekend - someone getting knocked out early Friday evening and an altercation at one of my neighbours house (someone telling a landlord to F*** off), both pretty unusual around here. Perhaps some of the posters advocating hard line attitudes should look to the knock-on effects of placing people in impossible positions ...
  6. Lambeth council, their housing stock was, I think, mainly Brixton, Stockwell etc, ie rough! Mind you I had bought a flat in Brixton at the time which also turned out to be a nice little earner lol so didn't feel too bad
  7. I worked for a large south London council in the 1990's and the rumour at the time was that an ethnic mafia of employees within the housing department of the council were removing council flats/houses from the official database and then renting them out as landlords. Nice little earner
  8. A woman I work with was meant to exchange last Wednesday; got a call about mid-day saying their buyer was pulling out - apparently they found out their job was not as secure as they thought. Now obviously they can't go ahead on the place they were buying.
  9. Hi, another long term lurker deciding to join in STR in ... 2001! Still, better six years early than six months late, as my brother is finding out Hope to be able to contribute something sensible!
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