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  1. Filled up the other day and my card got declined - very embarrassing! Lost track of my balance, turned out I was £10 short of the total. Anyway, I know in these situations you fill in a form and come back and pay within seven days. The manager told me they don't do that anymore as it was "being abused"; he said they were getting up to ten a day and only half of them came back to pay it off, it was wiping out their daily profits. He said they now ask people to get family/friends to pay over the phone. He let me fill in the form as I think he could see it was a genuine error on my part. This was in front of everyone coming in and out! Will definitely not do it again!
  2. "irradiation of poverty"? That's a little strong isn't it?
  3. My father knows someone who part-owns a payday loan co. The guy says once they make a loan to someone they immediately sell the loan.
  4. Sorry can't remember how to embed links but this popped into my mind this evening ... Malcolm McLaren Double Dutch. Worth Youtubing.
  5. I did ask if this is because of a central gov funding cut and got a load of waffle in return, probably because they didn't want to tell me too much, but it must be yes, imho? They did say that if depts can save 25% on frontline services then they only have to cut 10% back office etc. 35% overall budget cut over next three years. On top of a previously stated £90 million proposed saving over a similar period I think? Affected depts will be called into meetings to let the staff know if their affected.
  6. I have it on good authority that tomorrow a council in the south of England is going to email staff that they are going to have to make 15% cuts to front line services costs and 20% cuts to back office costs over the next three years. This is on top of previously discussed and agreed cost saving.
  7. Agree. I think in this case most of it went on wine, kebabs and superkings fags. The female relatives latest plan is to sell the house that has approx. £100k equity (the other has nil equity I'd say) and buy a flat - for her, the two teenage kids and the dog.
  8. A female relative has just gone down to 4 days work per week from 5 due to changes in benefit thresholds, less work but less income too. She kicked the husband out after 25 years of marriage last year; they have two houses, one bought at £180k and the other at £30k, each house currently has outstanding mortgages of £150k, there may be some unsecured debt too. Don't know what the money went on, they only bought one car and went to Portugal once.
  9. I worked for A4E for almost a year, terrible experience. Emma inherited/took over the "business" from her father. I could tell some stories ...
  10. Yes, not compulsory, yet - I was half asleep at the time :-). It's called something like the Assisted Lodger Scheme. Still, it makes it clear that the council tenants are just that, tenants.
  11. BBC Sussex reporting this morning that council tenants in Crawley with spare bedrooms will have to take in lodgers. Later on it there was a suggestion the lodgers would be homeless/"vulnerable" people, possibly with substance abuse history. There was a telephone interview with some woman council tenant who said she didn't want anyone moving in with her and her daughter "into my home", also that she had bought her own fridge and cooker and didn't want anyone using them, that was about the extent of her argument.
  12. I heard the Santiago de Compostela monastries and convents have become a bit of a haven for potless Spaniards - almost free accommodation and cheap food if required. Got robbed of €70 in a convent one night along with a couple of others by some Brazilian fecker - keep your money/passport on you when you sleep!
  13. I was cycling in northern Spain last year (Santiago de Compostela) and the short changing was breath-taking, €20 on one occasion. There were lots of very professional looking veg gardens all over the place. The major cities, Pamplona, Leon, had protest tent camps with big banners and lots of anti-bank fly posters everywhere. I have to go back and do the last 400 km, will do it next spring, hopefully things will be better by then.
  14. I can confirm this, did a tour of central London camping shops this afternoon, very quiet, staff hanging about chatting. Lots of 50% off posters in the windows too.
  15. Is someone using cyber warfare to prime the UK public to reject the switch to a cash-less, electronic currency? "gentlemen may cry Peace, Peace ..."
  16. Saw a sign in the window of one of those mobile phone/internet cafe type shops in town today stating Western Union would be unavailable between certain dates, can't remember which days but a couple?
  17. I heard on R5 live yesterday a passing mention that it was caused by the launch of a new mobile phone app developed recently? just googled it - GetCash - oh dear, any connection?
  18. Long term storage of food containing tomato (particularly in glass containers) can be problematic. What's the issue / problem? Excessively acidic foods can, over a long period, attack the container or the other ingredients; if the food-stuff is in a glass container it can also be broken down if exposed to light. However the link I posted mentioned 100 year old plum tomatoes still being good , but then again they were tinned, underwater and therefore at a constant, chilled temperature for a very long time
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