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  1. I've skimmed through the whole thing and think it's the most disgraceful thread I've ever read on hpc forum. I hope all the blatant vi's that posted on it end up in some dingy North African dungeon for their lack of shame/greed.
  2. A quote from that link - "The next is an aspirational couple who are continually in debt. The reporter again is brimming with disapproval because the couple are being reckless. They are living beyond their means but they aren't poor. Bad people. But the couple - the husband especially - are amazing. He is a fantastic chparacter. He borrows money he says as a protest against those around him who are richer. "To fling away the pittance that I have is a protest" I think that kind of thinking is still going on; people want a good standard of living, and why not? And if people aren't permitted it through what they can earn then they'll borrow, and if something goes wrong ie job loss then the thinking is ... can't pay it back if I haven't got it.
  3. R5 Live just reported two arrests in relation to this, alluding to drug overdose. Very sad for a young man to die like this.
  4. During the 1990's I was told that council housing staff in Lambeth were deleting flats off the database and renting the "invisible" flat out as landlords, don't know how true this is but Lambeth had an appalling reputation at the time. Rumours of an African mafia within the council were rife.
  5. Don't forget the Libyan conflict flight a couple of years ago; I seem to remember a picture of the inside of a Hercules filled with pallets of cash, to set up their own central bank.
  6. Where will it be based? Syria is the only Russian Med naval base I thought and that doesn't currently look too secure.
  7. Yes but beneath that "unwellness" there seems to be a consistent theme of obstruction, counter claims and a complete refusal to honour the contract she voluntarily entered into. So not that unwell obviously. What a mess, I hope Mr Taylor gets some money for the stress he's been forced through. She's still going to come out of it with £500k +.
  8. My brother is on holiday in Melbourne right now, his texts/emails repeatedly state how expensive things are, he sounds like he's in shock.
  9. Has anyone here ever been to Gt. Yarmouth? It really is the end of the road, very poor and very depressing. Charity shops and poundlands everywhere, every one is either disabled, mental, on the dole or an immigrant of some type. The mention of coin operated meters sounds like it could get expensive too.
  10. B & B's have never appealed to me, a very antiquated concept, staying in someone else's house effectively, plus a 50/50 chance of some snippy woman owner making sure you know you're not really welcome, plus arcane rules and regs you have no way of knowing exist until you breach them. I may have watched too much Four in a Bed!
  11. So at the end of each day of doing feck all because it's not worth working 40 hours a week to be slightly worse off and totally knackered the reward is a big bowl of porridge?
  12. Poundland Norwich are selling individually plastic shrink wrapped bones for dogs. Looked quite tasty, bones were too short for horse.
  13. I tend not to mention I read HPC to people as most people I know are mortgaged up to the hilt and don't want to hear it! Relative also told me of a self-employed friend of hers who bought a house with massive mortgage in a small village outside Norwich, work not just dried up but stopped dead, will be in serious trouble in a couple of months (this person is also subsidising parents who are penniless in the US after losing £100k to some scam).
  14. Hadn't eaten all day, by 4 pm was starving so said I'm just going to visit a shop, nipped into McD's and wolfed down a double cheeseburger to see me through, cheeseburger was suspiciciously small and not very nice!
  15. Forgot to mention, had to secretly sneak into McDonalds at one point I was so hungry!
  16. I spent four days in Norwich last week staying with a relative and her boyfriend; relative is on some kind of sickness benefit, lives in mortgaged 3 bed semi, monthly mortgage is peanuts, relative acknowledged if interest rates go up she's screwed (she also mentioned "nothing is selling" in Norwich/Norfolk). Partner is long term unemployed and has city centre council flat. Both of them eat once a day, large cooked meal about 6 pm. I was driving them crazy by asking for breakfast and lunch, they don't budget for either as they can't afford it.
  17. +1 re shrinkage; Sainsburys are selling packs of tiny wholemeal rolls, not much bigger than a £2 coin, you could put a whole one in your mouth no problem, are they made for kids lunches? Also cereal/oat bars sliding about in wrappers a third too long for the contents.
  18. +1 great thread. These people have had it so good for so long they never want it to end, no matter what the cost to others. And when you try to explain what is happening they insult you and use shaming language. I can see it in my family, they are completely convinced all the money has come through their own smart decisions. The only thing that is going to stop them is their inevitable slide into old age and death, I am certainly not going to miss them.
  19. Paece

    Petrol Stations

    The guy behind the counter said only about half the people ever came back to pay; so at ten a day and say an average fill is £70 that's £350 x 7 = £2450 a week, £10k a month. This is down on the south coast. Also the ramification is people aren't registering cars in their own name, or aren't bothered by debt collection agencies.
  20. What 16th/17th century movements is he talking about?
  21. My local BMW showroom had a sale of motorcycle clothing, I managed to pick up a £610 jacket for £150. I never pay rrp, if it ain't reduced I won't buy. More often than not price discounts bring things down from exhorbitant to just expensive! I've visited the BMW dealer twice in the last week, last Sunday and Thursday evening, both times very quiet, last Sunday about 2 pm I was the only one in there.
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