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  1. Comments from youtube say vocalist is Sean Reid? Random youtube wandering brings up this (ATB sample in the middle) - I've been thinking of going travelling again recently so the lyrics are inspiring me (except I've been to all the places mentioned!)
  2. Yep, glad you were able to get them in the end. I first heard this one on a dance music cd, can't remember which one. I'd love to know who the dancers and choreographer are, looks very European, wi-fi controlled lighting?
  3. Not sure if this has been posted before - http://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2013/01/14/spanish-property-prices-to-fall-by-a-further-50/ The comments are interesting.
  4. There was some scientist on Radio 5 Live yesterday afternoon promoting his new book on matter/materials who mentioned that the military have adopted 3D printers already for front-line use. I'm sure I read somewhere that they were originally developed for nuclear submarines?
  5. I got an e-cig (Ego Tank I think) but using it makes me cough like anything every time I take a hit; I was using 21 mg Golden Virginia so went down to 8 mg GV but it hasn't helped, still coughing. RF, can you recommend a flavour/strength that would be smoother?
  6. I don't know if this link has been posted before but I came across it while looking into something else; http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Famine_(Greece) German, Italian and Bulgarian actions after invading Greece in WW2, including introducing a new "occupation" currency and buying everything up with it and sending it home. It seems strange that Greece is going through something like it is now with a relatively recent event like that in its past.
  7. +1 The young people I've known in the past couple of years are rabidly keen to buy flats/houses, on top of servicing their large student loans. They too think I'm mad to not buy and to be talking about the risks of bubbles and debt (but they've been too polite to say I'm mad). And so far it's working out for them and I look like an idiot. I've been weakening lately and am thinking of buying myself
  8. Sol Fiesta - Speak Espanglish vs Tron - Excellent dance song but check out this video - technically and creatively stunning!! (Edit - turn up the volume!)
  9. Thanks, I agree! Where are those girls now ...
  10. Come mortgage time? But I don't want a mortgage, I just want a superstar phone to satisfy my data hunger lol! Edit; make me "look like a better bet"? Don't count on me fella ...
  11. My Galaxy 1 is still going strong after 3 years of constant use, in fact I've been hoping it would break so I could upgrade but it won't die. However it is noticeably slow so I bought the S4 a week after it came out; handset only at £580 and stuck my giffgaff sim in (unlimited data/texts, 250 minutes, free to other giffgaff calls, £12 pm), this way no direct debits cluttering up my bank account plus no contract - heard too many bad stories of people getting grief from debt collectors because of some mistake. S4 is good, not as fast as I thought it would be, still haven't explored all of it, S Voice is quite disturbingly good but will occasionally come out with some amusing howler; we were using it in the pub the other night to look up film trivia and it worked more often than not. I'm hoping to use it as a satnav on my motorcycle. Plus Samsung are coming out with a new back cover for it to enable wireless charging. Edit to stay on topic; I wouldn't have an iphone, I looked at them while weighing up the various models and in comparison to Sony/Samsung/HTC the iphone's are now very small and, imho, dated looking! Plus, I was in the Apple store in Regent St a few months ago and I didn't like the atmosphere - quietly frenzied and arrogant- plus no one in there looked particularly happy.
  12. I used to work for the Insolvency Service doing administration for bankrupts. Each persons file detailed their debts; £50/60k was not unusual, occasionally the odd person would run up £120k worth of debt, though I seem to recall these people had been deliberately deceitful to banks/credit card companies etc to get to that level. I believe the credit reference agencies and each bank have their own formulae on how much they'll lend to individuals, whether there is an agreed maximum/ceiling set by all the banks I don't know, ask the FSA or the new one recently set up?
  13. I just left a job where one of my tasks was contract management. Just prior to me leaving we were called into a meeting and told of a new pricing structure to apply to contracts; this new structure had no recognition of the actual costs our contractors could reasonably be expected to incur while meeting requirements. We were given targets of the number of contracts to convert to the new prices while also meeting our normal workload, no extra resources, no notice to contractors, if they couldn't match cost contract ceased and retendered. At the same time there was an office reorganisation and redundancies so less staff to do the work. Very glad I'm out of it.
  14. I've watched that video about ten times now and am still laughing, thanks for posting.
  15. JG Ballard's 1962 short story Billenium is worth a read.
  16. I smiled quietly :-) Anybody else been noticing old people driving brand new "inappropriate" cars? The other day I saw a nice brand new Citroen or Peugout supermini convertible in a moden pastel colour scheme, looked at the driver expecting some pretty young girl, was actually being driven by a 70 year old woman with a mad grin! MEW or what.
  17. Again! Maybe they're up to the limit ...
  18. Car related observations; I was in the Brighton CAB office last month and watched as a newish Bentley was carefully parked across the road, the driver then came into the CAB office for an appointment. Two weeks ago, again in Brighton, was admiring a Mercedes CLK AMG convertible while waiting to cross the road, a pensioner couple came out of Poundland with their shopping and got into the car, I heard the man say "I just gave you twenty quid, what are we going to do for petrol?".
  19. R5L just mentioned selling as a solution again to a caller named Colin.
  20. Yep, I was just about to post on here hoping someone on the show would suggest to the callers why not sell up when they did to Rob who was telling them his sorry tale which included his IO mortgage, a failed PPI claim and, just before he rang off, a second mortgage on the same property ... R5L just shouted "Fire!", cue rush for the exits?
  21. R5L Martin Lewis - they have just mentioned selling IO mortgaged properties as a solution - yes, every one should sell their IO properties, right now, before anyone else does!! Poor Rob and his two mortgages ...
  22. I had a steak bake on Saturday - £1.35, tasty but no meat in it as far as I could tell, should be renamed gravy bake.
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