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  1. Yeah, this is the new paradigm that we are in. Stock market crashing? Interest rates on the rise? Move to property as an investment? Nah!
  2. I would imagine Lidl and Aldi would do well. Poundstretcher and the like should be ok too. Saying that, I do mean that they certainly won't have to shut down. They may have to let people go aswell.
  3. *knocks on karen1000s head* 'Mcfly, Mcfly ......is there anybody there ..Mcfly?'
  4. thank god the light is allowed to permeate into the room
  5. Sorry, I think you are missing the point. There are many frugal people on this board who don't like the thought of throwing money away when it can be avoided in a few years time. £40 isn't a paltry amount, neither did anyone say it was the difference between affording a house or not, £40 saved a week or into a pension can only be a good thing.
  6. The council housing stock is far lower than it was. I have no 'aspirations' to buy, but if I want a decent enough house then I must. As a married woman who is pregnant I am neither a drug addict, mentally ill, disabled or a single mother. All these people are above us in the pecking order if we want to live in a council house, allowing us to live the way we want - mum looking after kids full time until they go to school.
  7. Unseasonal spring weather? People repulsed by the thought of Prescott having sex and stayed in bed? They are all flippin skint?
  8. Cupar has a major NIMBY campaign at the moment over the proposal of thousands of affordable new homes being built in the area. C.A.R.D. Cupar Against Rural Development I understand in some ways but overall Fife is too expensive regarding wages (what's new int the UK). Younger people need help with this issue if they are not drug addicts, seriously mentally ill, disabled or are teenage mothers. They just have ordinary jobs.
  9. Asda? If I go round after 1830 will I get a half price 'Whoops' house?
  10. It was good stuff. The mum said she was glad to help out but her daughter was reticent about the situation. Daughter is justifably psst off with hpi. It was on telly. On the BBC.
  11. Thought it would be the same old spin... Newsreader told us that with houses increasing, ftb only chance is if parents help out their kids. Then there was an interview with a ftb who told us of her fustration and anger at not being able to get on the ladder without help. Some guy gave us a plastic pyramid demo. showing how it had changed and that parents and btl are now propping up the most crucial stage- the bottom. Some other guy (sorry in bed with cold, mabye and estate agent) added that if was unfair that only ftb with rich parents are getting a foot on the ladder. Newsreader said 'unl
  12. You were very lucky in your investments to have been in that position to buy in 1999. A 700k house when you were 23/24 - seriously, well done. Munimula is showing us more how the average joe has been shafted by hpi.
  13. I find this site very interesting and have been following since last summer. At no time did I come to the conclusion that if a crash, correction whatever hadn't happened by x month 2006 then it would all be over. Since joining I have had an, ahem, crash course in property economics, I certainly feel more informed than before. So, I have to say I am mystified by some of the reactions here to what clearly is the spring bounce that many have predicted moons ago. What is all the fuss about? Also, historically speaking, this is the mother of all bubbles so it is going to take far longer to play out
  14. Yes, you have much disdain for this website. It's a wonder why you even bother posting!
  15. alternatively, taking away the pervert from the equation, you could risk your life...an e.g being that you jump out of the way of a juggernaughts path just in time...then market your underwear as 'Near Death Pants'.
  16. At 30 (soon to be 31) a 2/3 bedroomed semi detatched house or cottage in a nice area that we can comfortably afford on x3 one salary (my husbands). As we currently live in a flat I would love a back door to a garden, also cupboards for storage would be manna from heaven. Bonus prize would be a w.c. or an en-suite. oops, was ftb purchases ......however, this is what we would like ideally as baby on the way.
  17. Ladies Sell your unwashed tights to perverts on ebay.
  18. # hpc bears are completely debt phobic # we think it is all a conspiracy # we are either an STR or a FTB with a VI or are bitter - can't possibly be because some just think current prices are unsustainable # we expected it to happen on this date, at this whatever hour and are shitting ourselves that it is not
  19. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctwo/programmes/?id=working_lunch Watch from around 8.28 mins. Interesting to hear, but I'm reading conflicting reports on www.newsnow.co.uk that lending in Feb. is at an all time high.
  20. With the benefit of hindsight and the fact that you are now wealthy, I take it you will now have the balls to spread your huge deposit over 5 properties? You can't lose!
  21. I'm happy. Good to see lots of negatives. None in Scotland yet but my area has only went up by 4% and the majority of areas with double figures are the not so desirable areas jumping on the bandwagon. Nice to see the north east with so many negatives. It's getting closer Thankyou Jason.
  22. It's a shame. They are a big employer in that area.
  23. Good few years. I will try to keep brainwashing my husband so when he gets his talked about pay rise, which will be laughable in the grand scheme of HPI and feels a truly underwhelming house is within his mucky paws I will scare him with HPC tales, or I will hone my vulcan grasp and temporarily disable him. Men eh!
  24. I'm not convinced by this argument. Those who are not forced sellers are the next door types for e.g. who bought before hpi took off. What have they got to lose? Not very much. If they are not selling they are content where they are and have no impact on the market. They may have watched stupified as their house went up without their input and I don't see why prices can't go back down again. My view is that new build = forced sellers, copious amounts of flats throughout the UK overpriced for sale, lack of speculation, serious affordability issues for ftb's and that there is property out th
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