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  1. TTRTR - What an odd thread to start. I find it hard to get my head around that fact that you feel so pleased with yourself that you need to post about how 'clever' you are and how 'well' you are doing on an internet forum to a bunch of complete strangers Do you sit in the pub or at friends' houses spewing out similarly smug self-love? Or do you save it for this board? Fine, you are making money out of property - it's not exactly a unique idea is it? 50% of people I know are making money out of property - the other 50% are stuck paying rent to people like you because people like you have driven prices outside their reach. Let's face it it doesn't take a clever person to make money in this manner, you just had to be in the right place at the right time. Perhaps one day you will achieve something truely clever or daring or incredible ..... if you ever do please feel free to come and brag about it because I for one will congratulate you. In the meantime, get a life. Oh, and my money is invested in my own business or abroad, and I am making far more than 7.6%. Not wanting to burst your bubble or anything though
  2. The happiest times of my life were spent in Africa with a rucksack on my back and without a penny to my name - but that's not real life. Real life involves putting a roof over your head, raising children, feeding your family, keeping yourself warm; all of which require financial wealth. Money certainly 'aids' happiness - if I was living in poverty I'd find it hard to be cheerful, whereas if I won the lottery I'd be a very happy lass
  3. Not in my experience - the only people I know who get pay rises work in public sector administrative roles. The private sector people I know are earning less now than they were 5 years ago and are lucky to have jobs - esp in manuafacturing where redundancies are being made daily.
  4. How on earth is the UK going to be better off without all these free-thinking hard working people with money exactly? All the people I know who have or intend to leave are intelligent 'management' types or entreprenuers; just the sort of person that the UK should be fighting to keep. I don't see people's reasons as 'inane' - personally I think it's more 'inane' to stay in a country that doesn't suit you just because you happened to be born there.
  5. As soon as I can sell my business & release the cash out of it then I'm off. The first stage is done with the house being sold. Probably 18 months time I guess. We plan to travel around first and find somewhere we feel happy before we put down roots. The only reason I have stayed in the UK this long is because I have family here - there is no other reason - the weather is generally rubbish, we are over crowded, stressed, working harder and longer hours than ever before, house prices are out of control, schools & hospitals are dreadful and all the Gov't does is steal every penny we earn to fund their internal beaurcracy and those lazy people who can't be bothered to work.
  6. I rent a 5-bed detatched house 'worth' £635k for £1,600 a month. It's quite lovely
  7. I'm a STR but not to make a huge profit out of an alleged 'crash'. For the next 3 years, with a brand new heavily financied business, I have no idea where I am 'going' - thus there is zero point in me going out and buying another property when I may well want to/need to move within the next 2-3 years. Having been stuck with the last house on the market for 2 years I am terrified of getting 'stuck' again. Also, because my business has only 2 years accounts behind it I cannot borrow the amount I wish to at the moment to buy the property I desire. I am therefore renting, which I must say is very enjoyable having been a mortgage 'slave' for the past 7 years It is also a lot cheaper on a month by month basis, so it's a win win situation for me right now. We are not all capitalist pigs trying to make money out of others misfortune you know.
  8. I've only got £25k in the bank - the rest (£200k) is invested in some far eastern currency deal which is projected to make me 9% over 6 months Whether it will or not I won't know until January 22nd! Edited because I forgot about the £100k invested in my company Not bad for 29
  9. Just how do some EAs project such happiness & confidence and manage to retain their 'gushyness' in the current market One particularly 'gushy' woman agent just phoned and demanded to know why I hadn't yet booked to view the tiny tiny cottage she sent me the details of yesterday, on the market at the princely sum of £675,000. When I suggested that I hadn't had time to look at the details yet she gushed "oh but you MUST. It's such a delightful little property. I am worried about you missing out as it is going in the paper tomorrow for the first time and I expect it to be snapped up and under offer by Monday" Sorry but I was just in tears of laughter Do they get some sort of pill from the doctor to keep them this happy or is it just desperation which makes them so 'edgy'
  10. Yeah, interest only too See why I'm so happy to be free of that little beauty!
  11. Where-ever my husband and my cats are is home to me. I can make anywhere 'home' and am not tied to anywhere or anything. I have always got itchy feet in the spring and have moved house 6 times in the past 7 years - each place has been 'home' for a while, until we up sticks and then it becomes just a house. I also still think of my parent's house as 'home' as I grew up there, even though I moved out over a decade ago.
  12. I sold for various reasons back in July this year and now rent and I have never been happier. My old house was a constant money pit and I was constantly paying for repairs and upkeep. My mortgage was ridiculously high (circa £2,750 a month) and I worried constantly about not being able to pay it. From putting the house on the market to actually completing on it took 2 years and I had to drop the price by 15% in the end to secure a sale. I spent the whole two years it was on the market resenting it and hating myself for ever buying it! Now I am renting a beautiful house in a tranquil position. The rent I pay for it wouldn't even cover the interest on my mortgage if I were to buy it. I get all the upkeep & repairs paid for by my landlord. I don't have to worry about selling. I don't have to worry about not being able to pay the rent. I feel free because I am only tied to the property for a maximum of 3 months (my notice period). At the moment the one single reason that I would go back and and buy would be if prices started going up substantially. And it would have to be substantially, as once I take into consideration legals fees, moving costs & stamp duty I would be very much out of pocket in the short term (2-3 years). To me I am simply paying rent to a really nice couple in their 40's rather than to a huge great bank, and to be honest I'd rather they had my money!
  13. They are have f**ing laugh?! 1 bedroom, a bizarre shaped living room & a bathroom for £365k
  14. In fact I'm so shocked I have had to email the EA it's on with and tell them they must be losnig their marbles
  15. http://www.savills.co.uk/residentialSearch...aspx?pID=118602 Anyone putting in an offer anywhere near the asking price on this needs to be lined up against a wall and shot at Leasehold as well ...... what a bargain!
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