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  1. Forcing 500k people into work ? Where will the 500k jobs appear from ? It's a useful way for the government to save money, as JSA benefits are much less than Incapacity benefit, and the drudgery of having to produce evidence of jobseeking activity every 2 weeks will certainly be a shock to many claimants. But where are the jobs ? It's hard enough at the moment for the unemployed to find work.
  2. My reactions was laughter and happiness. Perhaps if prices continue to fall then there may be some hope for myself and other first time buyers.
  3. I always thought foodbanks were for the poor, not the rich with a slight cashflow problem. She could try selling the luxury car before she pleads poverty.
  4. I'm still buying gold. I think it still has a way to climb before it peaks.
  5. This is definitely going to stop the families with 10 kids milking the system for 50k+, but for many on benefits the allowed 26k will still outweight most potential low paid jobs.
  6. It would have been kinder and better for their economy to just let Allied Irish fail.
  7. Those nasty Irish banks have just about killed their economy. :angry: It might bring down Irish property prices though, as the whole population moves out.
  8. Absolutely spot on.The Poles often live ten or twenty to a house so they can save money and still have enough to send home, whilst British workers languish on the dole.
  9. I think some back office staff are always essential, but there are a great number of non-jobs that could be removed with little effect on public services.
  10. People used to be proud to have gazumped somebody else, so maybe gazundering will become the new norm ?It will serve the gazunders right if their new house falls in price a few months after purchase.
  11. It amazes me how so many of the electorate blindly agree with these cuts, saying that they are necessary and have to be done.There is little or no evidence that cuts will achieve anything or help to save the already battered economy.Of course, the poorer sections of society will be hardest hit, and these are the easiest targets. Nobody seems to be laying the blame for the mess with the bankers, BTL vultures and the previous government.
  12. Where do I sign up ?Sounds very trustworthy.
  13. Best idea I've heard in a long time !
  14. Moscow and St Petes have crazy property prices, but once you go outside these cities the prices are a lot better.It's easily possible to get a flat for 30k, or a country village house with acres of land for even less, as long as you are well away from Moscow.Most long term expats I know in Russia either have their rent paid or get a nice rent allowance.If you don't expect to stay there very long then I would definitely suggest just renting.Utility bills are really cheap in Russia,instead of council tax there is a sort of small community charge, nothing like as much as council tax.The only properties I've seen there with armed guards are those owned by the Novi Russkies, government, business or mafia, usual people just have a good steel door on the apartment. Crime is bad, but nothing like the western medias exaggerated views.The Russian market was on the up for the last few years but now things are on a slow downward spiral.Live in Moscow and all your nice expat salary can disappear very quickly if you aren't careful, with most gone on rent.It is possible to save a lot, but this depends on how good you want to live there.
  15. The whole UK media seems to be intent on demonising "benefit cheats", whilst ignoring the real root cause of the budget deficit.What's to stop Experian falsely pointing the finger at innocent families, just to make themselves a nice bonus ?
  16. This sort of scheme had scam written all over it from the start. I can't understand why their customers couldn't see that this might happen. Of course, we don't know all the details or why the company has suddenly gone into administration.My guess would be that they realised house prices weren't likely to go up, so they took their profits, did a runner and now the companies bust.In this economic climate, I doubt that they will be the last firm like this to go under.
  17. Hi all,I've been renting the last few years and saving up to buy a house, but in the current market I think I would be better waiting until prices come down.And I'm fairly certain that they will.
  18. I couldn't agree more Einstein.I think UK house prices are due a large fall, despite the efforts of the Estate agents to talk up prices. I don't like renting very much, but I think I would lose more in the long term by buying a property at the moment.
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