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  1. I think you could do a lot worse than put 5-20% into metal. Daft.ie has some amazingly cheap cottages and bungalows, albeit in the middle of nowhere. I would look at Eastern Europe and Turkey.
  2. I'm sure this will benefit a few unqualified workshy people, but for highly skilled professionals picking up litter isn't going to solve the problem. This can only be seen as workfare or yet more undercutting of the lowest rung of the employment ladder.
  3. I never feel sorry for the BTL crowd, especially those who tried their best to buy up half of Europe !
  4. EA's are the biggest liars under the sun. They will try every trick possible to force you into offering silly money. Just stand your ground and say NO.
  5. Great ideas especially no 2. It's impossible to directly compete with the influx of foreign labour. To survive you need to think creatively.
  6. Gold is only going one way for the foreseeable future. I just wish I had bought more of it earlier.
  7. Harriet is an evil despicable woman. She should go. Looks like racism and hate to me.
  8. Loft insulation is very easy, but it won't fix damp or a dodgy roof. I would think about moving if I was you. It's not good for your health to live with damp.
  9. I've seen a couple of dozen properties put up for sale in my local area in the last few weeks, and I've been really surprised that quite a few have been sold or are under offer. Average price in my street is 94k and I've seen a few under offer for c150k ! In the current market I would be demanding blood and asking for a real discount, not the 10-15 % that a lot of numpties are content with.
  10. I'm fairly certain there will be yet another round of quantitive easing in the next couple of months. The government doesn't seem to understand that QE does little for the economy, apart from lining the bankers pockets even further. I would also recommend letting the banks fail, whilst protecting the depositors 50k. It is supposed to be capitalism in a free market economy. To stimulate growth we need to get real money to the people, who will then spend it and create growth.
  11. I would love to give some of my previous scum landlords a review or two ! Unfortunately, I think the site will go the way of Trip advisor and get sued or closed.
  12. In the past I used to just pay the asking price and wouldn't haggle much. Now a lot of landlords are desperate and are looking at a choice between empty property or reducing prices. I would definitely use the carpet bombing method as the poster above recommends.
  13. Great work ! Nice photoshop. I think we've seen quite enough of this woman now.
  14. I'm not sure if there are any legal rights about workmen at the weekend, as far as I know it's just 24 hours written notice at a mutually convenient time. Having said that, you are entitled to privacy and to enjoy the property in peace. I would tell him that you only want work done in the week and see what he says !
  15. My heart really bleeds for this guy. Mortgages like this should never have been approved in the first place. Thats what you get if you believed the endless BTL drivel that used to be all over the TV.
  16. I hope you stand your ground and win. I'm sick of stupid landlords taking liberties with peoples deposits.
  17. I do feel sorry for the future generations who will leave Uni with a massive debt hanging around their necks. Is there really any point doing a degree only to leave owing £100 ? I think buying a house will be out of the question for them.
  18. I thought there was an article in the papers last week claiming most Britons had almost nothing in savings ? I don't know many people with 77k in savings.
  19. I'm no expert in property law but I would steer clear of a property situated so close to the landlord. In my experience it's not pleasant to have the landlord so close. If you have the same address as the landlord then there may well be issues with utility bills, credit ratings etc.
  20. All is forgiven ! Now you see the light. I just hope that the lender doesn't try to come after you when you give the keys back.
  21. This story gave me a great laugh. What a nice view from the balcony ! I'm almost tempted to go onto daft.ie and ask her exactly what services I will get for €700 a month.
  22. In the current market I would definitely make an offer if I was renting a property. The landlords have a choice - accept a low offer or let the property sit empty for months on end. It's not the tenants fault if the landlord has overpaid for the property. If they won't budge then just walk away.
  23. £100k for a house in London - bargain ! Definitely worth viewing - so you can ask the estate agent where the rest of the house is !
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