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  1. 'Unacceptable to bail out banks" Why did nobody think of this before ?
  2. Amazing news. The government continues to do nothing about bank bonuses, despite the taxpayer actually owning most of the bank. You really couldn't make this stuff up !
  3. Awesome figures but they are hardly surprising. The younger generations have little or no chance of ever catching up.
  4. I'm angry. We should by copying the French and protesting in the streets at these scandalous tax rises. There will come a point when people won't be able to run their cars anymore, and at this point how will one get to work ? The train ? Woops, that's gone up too.
  5. The price of petrol is only going one way, thanks to the government. Those on low wages who need their cars to get to work are soon going to be better off on the dole.
  6. In reality wages are being cut. Inflation, petrol price rises, VAT rises, and reduced public spending will see 2011 have a new word of the year - Poverty. Unless you get a 3-4% rise then you will be worse off next year.
  7. The article is just spin,lies and deceit. Most first time buyers have little chance to get a decent mortage without a sizeable deposit.
  8. Merry Christmas everybody ! Here's to hoping the next year is going to be better, although I have my doubts.
  9. Austerity merely penalises the entire population for the mistakes and failures of the few. It won't work and never will.
  10. The austerity measures will eventually bring the coalition down. As for the Libdems, well they've shown their true colours over the tuition fees fiasco.
  11. A sensible plan, but I doubt the the treasury can see anything beyond the printing press.
  12. I hate agencies that want bank references, I've been asked for some in the past but the bank really wasn't keen to help. if your money isnt good enough for the landlord then tell them to find another tenant.
  13. Amazing gains on those stocks, but I think I will stick mainly to physical gold.
  14. Walk away or demand a decent price drop. They should be glad to have found a buyer in this market.
  15. Once the UK joins this club it will have to be renamed the PIUGSHIT club !
  16. Your situation sound awful. I would walk away and look for somewhere else to live. As for the cleaning, it's not your fault so why should you pay ?
  17. And the majority of the general public who don't understand just how hard they have been shafted by the government and bankers.
  18. Austerity is going to hurt the population. Those that have the opportunity to move elsewhere will do so. I do feel sorry for the Irish.
  19. Here we go again. Austerity and yet more austerity. Has nobody figured out that austerity doesn't and won't work. It merely penalises the entire population for the mistakes of the rich and doesn't solve any economic problem. The Irish austerity measures will just make the few remaining citizens jump on the next boat/Ryanair to the UK. The Irish PM should do the decent thing and go.
  20. I completely agree. This place sounds like heaven. If only we had the same laws and approach to justice over here.
  21. Well done Cantona for at least bringing some mainstream media attention to the banking fraudsters. If his idea gains enough momentum then it could possibly bring some suprises to the banking community.
  22. You sound ready for an end of the world scenario ? Which makes physical gold in your possession a lot more useful than in a warehouse far away. Its physical gold or nothing in my book.
  23. A child in genuine need will not care if the toys are second hand. They should be grateful for anything.
  24. Quite right too. According to Labour the global crisis just sort of happened, nothing to do with them at all.
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