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  1. There are many empty offices in Liverpool, mainly due to high rents but few new companies investing in the area. I can't see things changing anytime soon.
  2. I haven't seen any signs of gazumping. It's just typical BBC propaganda along with an increase in daytime TV property shows to try and stimulate the market.v
  3. I think that the euro is on the way out. I doubt we've seen the last of the euro bailouts. The dollar is still a better mid term bet.
  4. I'm sure that I'll shed a few tears for the BTL vultures once they go to the wall.
  5. I would love to think that this benefits policy works both ways, and that I can simply relocate to somewhere sunny such as Spain and receive full benefits. It would be nice to spend the summer on the beach.
  6. I think most EA's ads are total fiction. They seem completely unaware of market conditions.
  7. I just love Max. He's one of the few economists in touch with reality. It's amazing how his relevations never seem to make the mainstream media. I doubt the BBC would allow Max to really tell it how it is.
  8. Crazy woman, do people really pay to read this drivel ? Philanthropists ? I don't think so.
  9. One whole penny of fuel. Wow. I wonder if the oil companies are just going to add a few more pennies back on to cover their increased tax burden.
  10. TV property porn has a lot to answer for. It definitely helped fuel the bubble. I remember the early 2000's when almost every channel was full of it.
  11. Yes, about an hour ago, and unfortunately it only gave the amount requested.
  12. -0.9% is great news. I just hope that this trends continues !
  13. If insurers can't properly assess risk then perhaps premiums will have to be increased right across the board in order to compensate. This judgement is really going to shake things up.
  14. I suppose it depends on how generous the compulsory purchase order will be, bearing in mind how far the market will fall over the next 12 months. I would say the house would be down to £380k or less in a year, making it a very expensive year. I wouldn't take a chance on it myself.
  15. It gets better, as well as having to service the 12.5% mortgage, there is also "Service Charge and Rent is £479.00 pcm" I really don't see the point of owning 12.5% of a one bedroom flat, it hardly gives you bragging rights.
  16. I completely agree. It's a cartel and Osborne isn't prepared to do anything about it, despite the rhetoric. £800m is loose change for banks of this size, it's just a small figure used to pacify the uproar over bonuses. Nothing will be done, the banks and the government are in bed together and don't plan to get out.
  17. As much as I despise the current coalition and their disastrous policies I really think they may go fullterm. The people are too poor to riot.
  18. I always knew the little blighters were expensive but this is ridiculous.
  19. I suspect that this site will turn out to be an EA's Tripadvisor. I can't see many agents paying money every month in order to get slated.
  20. EA's live in a parallel universe. £1k cashback is nothing when the houses are overpriced by 20-50% to start with.
  21. The BBC is in desperate need of a damn good downsizing. I do admire the quality of some of their output, but there is no getting away from the immense cost of this.
  22. I've had a few landlords like this. Just change the locks, don't bother to tell the landlady and if she complains then tell her she shouldn't be trying her key in the lock without permission.
  23. I'm sure they will. More credit then more bailouts. The only way is up.
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