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  1. Well the article said he bought back his platinum wedding ring (original cost over £30k) after the bankruptcy. And I highly doubt he's living on the breadline. Surely, his royalties from Westlife music will continue and now his debt is wiped clean? Or does future income for a certain period have to cover the old debts? There's also the fact he conveniently made himself bankrupt in the UK rather than Ireland, where the period you can "return to normal" is many years less (isn't it only about a year here?). No sympathy from me.
  2. No! They were worse of course and I'd never vote for them either. Osborne's new scheme however is the sort of thing Labour would have done, I suppose I shouldnt be surprised in the two-party state. UKIP seems the only alternative, despite the fact I don't know much about their policies. Perhaps they'd be just as bad.
  3. Someone should start a petition at the No.10 site. Highlighting that flooding the market with cheap credit will only do one thing - push up prices and not help affordability at all. Hopefully if it became widely spread could draw attention to Tory HQ the massive mistake they have made. I will never ever vote Conservative again.
  4. Agreed. Doctors have a high level of responsibility to maintain the huge trust that society places in them. How could this doctor not have noticed known they were wrong?? Even for a doctor 4k a month would be a large part of their income! I hope the medical supervisory body investigates this and considers if disciplinary action appropriate...OH, AND GETS THE MONEY BACK PLUS INTEREST.
  5. Wrong. The proceeds of crime in legal terms (under POCA 2002) is only the "criminal benefit" - in this case the evaded tax. Of course, tax evasion carries penalties of up to 100% of the evaded tax (plus interest etc), and they will have to pay legal costs etc, so will likely be left with nothing in this case, but you are wrong if you think that all money is classed as proceeds of crime if tax isn't paid on it.
  6. http://http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-17259821 When will the authorities realise and accept the best way to help first time buyers is allow prices to fall to reasonable levels and not continue to prop up the high inflated prices of the bubble that were fuelled entirely by irresponsible lending.
  7. Geed - "I have seen prettier prisons. After a hard days work, do you really want to be coming home to a low security young offenders institution?" - what an ignorant comment, it's no uglier and no nicer than many, many other flats in other areas I've seen. We don't all have the budget to buy a luxury penthouse apartment or detached five-bedroom gated house in our first buy. The building itself looks fine to me for my budget and needs, it's the area Im concerned about. Jie Bie - thanks for all that detailed advice. Re walking through at 3am, it had crossed my mind that there's prob a lot of pe
  8. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-16084593.html?premiumA=true It's been there for a while I think, obviously not selling. I'm a FTB hoping to buy in 2 years or so and this was one of several that caught my eye - good location (close to both city centre and motorway), 2 bedrooms, but "only" offers over £80k. I'd seen one in same building for offers over £85k a couple of months ago and another for £90k. Seems lower than similar flats surrounding glasgow. Why? Then again perhaps the seller is holding out for £90-odd k or so. One bad point I see from google streetview is
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