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  1. I'm new to this place (and that one) - can someone translate DD, DS, DC, DH for me please - I get that their ways of talking about members of their family but I don't speak mumsnet. Dear Husband is teh best I can do? Imagine being married to one of them women!
  2. I don't think the pravance has much of an idea about the world of pain coming its way - the useful models of previous housing market peaks and troughs don't take into account the depression that's coming. As the sovietesque public sector is cut back, the fact that the private sector was almost entirely reliant on this will be revealed. Good times for anyone looking to buy a house - just don't rush in too soon.
  3. "is not compatible with the established facts" - as well as making an utter balls of things as he did there fairly spectacularly, who the buck speaks like that? Imagine someone speaking to you like that in a pub FFS!
  4. The treatment of interns at Westminster suggests that the law doesn't offer any great protection: My link Horrendous state of affairs - a large proportion of the famous 50% of young people who were encouraged into university were sold a pup, and are left with massive debt and no real chance of using their degree in a meaningful way that would justify the expense of getting it.
  5. I'd value community ahead of most things, throw in scenery and handiness to Belfast and that'd do me. North Antrim has the 1st two, and I'd maybe put up with teh drive to Belfast for a night out, but where the buck would ye work as that's not commutable for me? With no kids I'd live in one of the nicer ends of Belfast With kids: Cushendall
  6. Some amount of free-love going on with the yummy mummies getting shared around though. A better class of debauchery in Chorlton.
  7. Deffo. An awful lot of people lost the run of themselves and the effects will be crippling. A flat in town would've suited me down to teh ground at that time (no kids, no car) but the prices always looked obscene.
  8. Hi Have been watching the market with interest for a few years while getting my ducks in a row to buy somewhere I'd actually like to live in for a reasonable period of time. Like others have been predicting a serious fall, and expect to see it in next couple of years.
  9. That's the bottom line for me - can you cope with waking up to a view of a supermarket carpark for 10 years? And imagine trying to sell the thing at any stage in teh meantime, with the glut of similar flats that'll be on the market. I was using the Asda bottle bank there recently and shuddered at teh thought of sitting with the window open while some ***** clangs bottles below my window. Buck that! Lots of people got stuck with unsuitable and unsellable flats when the music stopped - I wouldn't be in an enormous rush to join them.
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