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  1. Availability of credit. If they carried on stoking the fire the trend would continue but, at least for the time being, lending criteria has been tightened. It probably wont last, unless the bankers think they can make more money from repossessions than creating money.
  2. I know of two people with interest only mortgages. One has plan of selling to repay and downsize. The property has sporadically been on the market over the past 5 years. They have dropped the price a little but never received an offer. The other is not only interest only but also an offset. They are behind with repayments but just able to keep from the next step. I hope the situation deteriorates as it happens to bethe most obnoxious people I have to deal with.
  3. Average is about 2% now and falling. Last 10 year bond auctions were 1.13 % in April and 1.31 % in March. Last bond auction at more than 2% was June 2015.
  4. "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly" otherwise she can kiss goodbye to her second term.
  5. 145 properties in last 24 hours in my search area (10 miles of ba2). Usually it is more like 20 or 30 and peaks at about 60.
  6. Whether you need a VAT or not it may be worth requesting one. I have just done so and been given a £3 refund on a £17 purchase on Amazon in lieu of VAT receipt.
  7. This could make the Unite election tomorrow (result next due 23rd) important as if McCluskey wins he will again be able to manipulate a puppet to top of labour party keeping them unelectable so Tories will be in for a generation.
  8. Anyone explain what constitutes qualifying income here? I assume anything that is taxable. So income from ISAs is exempt? How about dividends from outside an ISA. I assume this would be counted, so self employment is not a means of escape.. Am I right? Just asking.
  9. BA2 and BS39 but I am in Notts at the moment and it is not much different. God how hopeful I was reading the 10% falls in Cambridge on another thread. It becomes less and less likely that I will ever buy. Not wasting my good cash on the sh1tboxes available. When I started looking I had 100k deposit. Now I have £350k and am further from buying than ever.
  10. The death of the housing market seems greatly exaggerated where I look. Even the crap which has sat on the market for 7 years or so is selling recently. Prices gone crazy. God help us!
  11. In my experience Oban is either so busy that is difficult to obtain accommodation or so quiet it is difficult to find an eatery open at lunch time. Ok I exaggerate a little but we were the only customers in one once. Seriously only the ferry keeps people in Oban otherwise they would quickly head out on a ferry or further up the coast.
  12. On the house price front I see few sales in my areas (Bath area and Notts) and steady growth in price cuts. On wider economic front North Notts town has several unlet shops. Not seen to same extent for a long time.
  13. I feel your pain Joe. I have the same investment apprehension and frustration. I am sat with £350k which will be at least £400k the end of 2017. Sounds fantastic I know but I am not going to spend this on a little sh1tbox and I can't get a mortgage to buy what I want, although to be honest there is nothing on the market at the moment that would tempt me even if I could. The last house I was interested in sold in March for a price we could afford if we could have secured the mortgage. I do want a house but that will soon be less relevant as my eldest will leave for university in Sep 2018 and m
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