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  1. Christ. No prisoners taken on here!!!! A Rightmove search of similar properties in my area shows many examples of similar properties at similar prices. Ok, I know the next response - 'but they are still on Rightmove for a reason'. Sure, but we have to start somewhere as we expect to have to still negotiate. We are well aware we won't achieve the asking price, but don't want to throw in the towel at the first sign of it getting a little bit difficult. Anyway, to update, I took the matter to the regional manager today. After much debate, when he started by saying that we would have to pay for
  2. Hi My first post. We have had our house on the market for 10 weeks without a single viewing. Furthermore we have had not a single call from the EA (we have to call them), and they are generally demonstrating a couldn't care less attitude. When they valued the house, they advised they could sell at £155,000 within 4 weeks. We said that our view was nearer £170,000, based on many examples of similar properties in the same postcode. They said that they were happy to put on at (near to) that price, but we would have to be patient. We agreed, and it went on at £167,500. 8 weeks on, and having se
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