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  1. I'm sure there's an element of that but for professionals or those on above salaries it's a desirable area that's more affordable that BT9
  2. Bought in Ormeau a couple of years ago. Paid a fair chunk over asking price after getting outbid on two others. There's certainly a premium over similar properties in E Belfast but for us it was worth it. Mixed area, Ormeau Park, great coffee shops + pubs. Someone said recently on here it's one of the few residential areas in Belfast you can walk into any of the bars and feel comfortable. As you say there hasn't been much come on the market in the last few weeks. Before that there were a couple sold in Ailesbury and Rushfield. Not sure what they went for but if anything comes on with Templeton Robinson they will show the latest offer on their website up until it goes sale agreed. Good luck with your search.
  3. Bought in Ormeau a couple of years ago after renting off Sunnyside Street for a few years and I would definitely recommend the area. Before that I rented off the Lisburn Road. I prefer the pubs over here (Errigle, Pavilion, Brewbot if you like your beers), the coffee shops are great (Kaffeo, General Merchants), nice restaurants (Shed, L'etoile) and I just like the vibe of the Ormeau Road. Mixed area, never experienced any anti-social behaviour, £6 taxi to city centre. Generally the houses below Sunnyside are terraced (nice period houses although it's street parking and it can be quite busy). The houses above are mostly owner-occupied semis with gardens + driveways, and there's less through traffic. Rosetta and Ravenhill have some lovely properties too.
  4. Your situation very much reminds me of my own. I’m in my mid thirties and having sat on the sidelines watching the boom (in horror) and crash (in relief) finally bought in 2014. I rented for many years and managed to save a 100k deposit. I would summarise the pros + cons of Buying v Renting as follows: Pros Having your ‘own’ place is lovely (even if the bank do own half) Not having to deal with letting agents Watching the mortgage reduce each month Not fretting when you see a headline like ‘Belfast house prices up 8%’ Cons The market seemed quite hot last autumn and we ended up paying over asking price Rates of £1,300 every April is most unpleasant I do miss the fun of having a share portfolio + the security of a big chunk of cash in the bank Maintenance – having rented for years it’s a bit of a shock how much you end up spending in B+Q and getting stuff done. We’ve met some very good tradesmen + some not so good ones – either way it doesn’t take long to run up a bill It sounds like renting works well for you at the moment but when you do eventually buy I don’t think you will regret it.
  5. There's a video and article on this issue below. Owners in the Mill Village, Comber are looking at service charges of approximately £2,500 per year as only one third of the units have been sold: http://www.thedetail.tv/issues/13/chris-apartments-story-part-2/the-real-cost-of-apartment-limbo
  6. UPS have a recently agreed repossessed property in the Brooke Hall development off the Saintfield Road: http://www.ulsterpropertysales.co.uk/property-specific.aspx?branchid=3&ID=38740 Interesting link back to when these properties were released in 2007 and sold out in 46 seconds: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/1635m-of-online-homes-are-gone-in-46-seconds-13450206.html I believe the property was agreed for around the £170k mark - a drop of 49% (assuming it was originally £335k).
  7. I stumbled across this article recently. £1m an acre, £82m of property sold in a day - it catches the mood at the height of the boom perfectly. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/property-auction-heaven-sent-13430482.html
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