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  1. Pardon my ignorance Reluctant Heretic - what's an EOT and an MT??
  2. Thanks everyone for your opinions, we don't feel nearly as bad now that we know it is a fairly normal thing to happen. Just to update - we've had an offer accepted on House 2. Now we just have to hope House 1 sells again quickly before we move in 2 doors down.... btw Spark - we had quite expected that we would have to pay any extra solicitors fees for the House 1 vendors, and are happy to do so, but so far the EA hasn't mentioned it. We'll see.
  3. Thanks for all your thoughts - its encouraging to know we are not being unreasonable! We have now actually pulled out of House 1, and made and offer on House 2. Flopsy - the EA is the same for both properties! Tricky for them, as they had to drop the price of House 2 knowing full well what we had had accepted on House 1 - and we would find out about the price drop - also they knew that the lack of garden in House 1 was an issue, and we would likely be interested. They told us the vendors of House 1 are very angry... doesn't help our guilt. But then, it would be in the EA's interest for us
  4. its not really about the money - its a better deal as its end of terrace and has a bigger garden. It was up for sale before and we went to look at it, but the price was a lot higher then and we couldn't afford it. Then, their circumstances changed, and they have to sell quick, so have dropped the price by 35k.... thus making a better deal for us. If the vendors of the one we have made an offer on came back willing to negotiate - it wouldn't make their house better.
  5. We made and had an offer accepted on a house 2 weeks ago. Another house has just come on the market 2 doors down, which is a better house for less money, and suits our family better. We're not taking this lightly. It feels very wrong to pull out of the other one, but as this is our biggest ever lifetime purchase, we feel we should do what's best for us. No chains are involved, and no contracts have been signed. Any thoughts on the etiquette here?
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