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  1. The last lot actually tried that. They really did. They brought a bill where ministers could pass laws without parliamentary consent. That's the same as no elections because the first law under such a regime will always be to abolish elections.
  2. Some of the money buys the gilt. The rest is a gift, watch: SB: I have a car for sale at £1000 M: Your car is only worth £500, I'll buy it for that. BoE: I'll buy it for £500 if you also take this other £500 from me. SB: Deal. £500 purchase, £500 gift.
  3. Forming an administrative organisation for purchasing and distributing loo-rolls. Which of course will charge its users a small premium over the wholesale price in order to compensate their staff for time not earning otherwise - and also a premium to cover errors and disputes and for over-purchasing to ensure supply upon reasonable demand ... We need a name for this new idea... hmm, we could call it a "shop". And without taking a profit we could call a "co-op" ... !
  4. The price does not drop when somebody successfully liquidates. It drops when someone wants to liquidate but nobody is interested. Of course then more want to liquidate, etc, and it snowballs until someone bites. Alternatively it drops when the exchange wants to encourage people to "dive" in. "Dive" and "Dove" seem to be the words to discuss reckless spending these days because of all the silly out-of-place moments it was used in the media, TV movies, and sky TV four months back to make people feel like throwing caution to the wind.
  5. Fishing as a buyer seems to be frowned upon. Pick the one most likely to accept 115k and make an offer explaining that's the most you can spend.
  6. You won't get far claiming anything if you deducted from your rent. DPS is worthless. You should offer to go through the arbitration process. Your landlord will refuse as is his right when your deposit is registered with the DPS - he will do this because he's a <insert expletive>. That's kind of pointless. You won't get the money - he won't get it legally. And then you would be the <insert expletive>. Then he'll write to the DPS saying you are not claiming and he is trying. They will write to you several times and you will continue to refuse or fold to arbitration. If you fold you come back to the sensible option. If you continue they will conclude that you're an <insert expletive>, and give him the money. So the sensible option... you should either: 1) fold and let him have what he's claiming, let him claim (which he can do) then you agree. (unless you know of a disadvantage to this). If he will not claim go to step 2. 2) ask to go to arbitration, let him either agree or be an <insert expletive>by refusing. If he agrees then some reasonable person will decide. If he refuses, you sue him and you get your whole deposit - unless you have shown your <insert expletive>-like behaviour already in which case the judge will do whatever is in his power to piss you both off. Do not tell him you will sue, that is illegal. Just ask for what is right at each step. As for the advise that they can start a single claim process. That will do nothing if you can be contacted and are not being an <insert expletive>.
  7. Speak to "Shelter" or CAB. They will be able to advise you best.
  8. Actually, it's chinese slaves that do it. Nobody really wants these trinkets so they can only be manufactured cost effectively by slaves (or by people earning a pittance). As slavery is illegal here as is paying a pittance...
  9. good lord. you'd think they'd do a better job of setting up their presence then!
  10. Ever used it? Looking at the certificate and comparing to the certificate for https://www.tescohelp.com this looks like it's probably a scam. You send them the gold, then email asking where your money is, then phone, then write, then call trading standards then they've gone. Also aboutus.com lists the website as TeScogOldExchange.com, and compare that page with the aboutus listing for tesco.com! I'm just about to let tesco know about the site - I'm sure they'll take their brand devaluation pretty seriously.
  11. Genuine it may be, but the price offered is awful. Several weeks ago I enquired at a *high-street* goldsmith and they said they'd give £150 for a sovereign (and directed me to a local dealer to get a better price). This website, if real, offers £143 now even after a gold surge. Terrible option but the chavs will use it for the 143 pence worth of points. A few sovereigns sold way under market value and they can get a free packet of fags.
  12. But that's okay, manufacturers and exporters can just drop their prices to maintain the number of units exported.
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