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  1. What might seem a slightly cheaper rent can be negatively offset by the fact the drinking water and the sewerage bill are higher. Typically the water bill if unmetered will be probably pretty much the same in most places, but the drainage and sewerage (or swearage as I like to call it once I see how much it is) can be a lot more even for the same standard of accommodation. For example, from London to Essex, the difference has been £120 a year more in Essex for swearage than it was in London. They base water charges on rateable value, so that's the first thing to check. The clean water or drainage bill will have a number, and that's the RV. Next step after that is to find out how much the utility charges per whatever is of rateable value. In my case, despite being in a much cheaper RV property (in my case a flat), the "unit charge" is double that of what I paid in a different water utilities area. They say they have made no mistake, in other words it's tough cheese. So take that into account when assessing how much you're paying in rent, it can make a rental no cheaper than the other place you were looking at which is over the boundary in a cheaper utility's area. beachnumb
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