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  1. Thank you for your answer! I do believe my landlord's house is going to be repossessed ( if not repossessed until now already because I have been in contact with him and he has stated several times he doesn't have the money to pay anything to the mortgage lenders. Mortgage company is not getting my rent at the moment, therefore probably would be happy for me to leave earlier than contract ends so that they can sell the house and get money to cover mortgage lended? My last AST has an additional clause compared to the previous ones I have signed- there is a Ground 2 Notice To tenant- Mortgage,
  2. Aren't the new new owners going to ask me whether I would like to continue my tenancy with them as lanlords? I don't have a tenancy agreement with them but with the bankrupt lanlord. And what is the tenant supposed to do in such situation: wait until they are evicted( which may be after a short notice if the mortgage company decides it wants to take possession of the house. There is nothing a tenant can do to stay in the property unless the mortgage company wishes to leave him, as far as I know...) before they start looking for a new house?!
  3. Because I bought another house.
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum and need some help:)! I am in Assured Shorthold Tenancy which ends Dec 2010. In 04/ 2010 I received a letter saying that there will be a re-possession hearing against my landlord as he is in arrears with his mortgage payments. I contacted my landlord and he said he won't pay and he can't do anytnhing about my problem. I then contacted the solicitors dealing with the repossession claim and they answered me that it would be a coflict of interest for them to give me any information prior to possession of the property. I started looking for my rights as a tenant to
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