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  1. Hi, I have just manage to STR exchanged today!!! I have about 55K that I would like to try and make some money from but don't want anything risky as this is my future deposit (hopefully). I am currently renting so will need access to the money within 90 days in case I actually find a property that I am willing to buy (haven't managed to find one yet though). I was thinking of just putting 30K in premium bonds and the rest in a savings account paying 2.8% but can I do any better? Any advice will be most appreciated.
  2. I have been an avid reader of this site for years but this is my first post as I am desperately in need of advice.Sorry for the long post! I have str (house getting signed on Wednesday) and am currently (since April) renting a house as I totally believe houses are way overpriced and as we have a toddler needed more room so we moved out and started to rent (12 month contract) whilst our house was on the market. For the past few weeks we have heard noises in the loft, cavities and under the floorboards which we assumed were rats as the rented house backs onto open fields by docks and a water treatment plant. Environmental Health confirmed last Wednesday that it is rats and we need to find out where they are coming in from, he also placed traps and poision in the loft. There is decking immediately outside the patio doors from the living room and he assumed they have got in from under there but he couldnt remove it to confirm and asked me to get the landlord to remove them and he would come back and have a look. So I have told the landlord (he lives in another part of the country) and he started asking questions about food being left out rubbish etc etc and I told him this wasnt the case. It wasn't until I actually left in the middle of the night (Fri) as they started moving around under the bedroom floor that he actually got somebody round to lift the decking to look for holes. I just feel that he is not being very responsive to what is actually happening to us - we are not sleeping due to the constant gnawing and moving around all night and it is finally taking its toll. I contacted him on the Saturday and told him they are moving under the floors now and only at this point did he get someone round to move the decking which uncovered an air vent which has been chewed through. This vent was then removed and the hole bricked up. Last night the rats were basically going mental being heard in other parts of the house that we hadn't heard them move and the next door neighbours even came round (as the rats are also getting into their property) asking us to remove the brick which we did (after checking with the landlord!). I had a converstation with the landlord last night and he was saying he will come back for a day next week and spend a day at the house to try and get the rats out. I just don't think this is good enough, I am having to go and spend the nights at my parents house with my little girl as she has now heard them and is petrified and I just don't know what to do. There are no other properties near us for rent and I don't think we should be paying the amount of money we are paying to stay in a rat infestied house. I have also asked for the decking to be removed as I don't think they would be coming back and forth as they are if they weren't under cover and he doesn't want to remove it as it is a big job and there is nothing under the decking!!!! Any advice would be really appreciated.
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