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  1. Ireland's got the Euro. UK can, and will, devalue. House prices could stay the same at the same time a slice of bread is a quid - butter that bread 1.50.
  2. The emergency budget of last year and all the claptrap about austerity and redundancies is all a red herring. It's just propaganda to stop the proles demanding more money. Even if the redundacies were true and did take place there would be government schemes enacted to "help" the poor owners with their debts. There would only be a panic if the housing market in the UK was a free market based on supply and demand. The UK housing market is far from that.
  3. Haven't you learnt anything about the government and their masters - the bankers. They will rape your mother and daughter before they let the banks fold. Remember the owners of the mortgaged property is not the person living in it.
  4. Forget the numbers. They are all fudged meaningless propaganda. The volume of houses being sold in the UK is so low that few semis sold in London could alter house price indexes. If IR's start to rise I would expect house prices to rise temporarly for the reason I stated above - that is, there are muppets out there are looking at their cost to own a house rise. Why not lock in good rate while we can. You can hear it all now coming from the VIs and other sad low life scum. Like I said this will be temporary.. Then it's lights out for the housing market for at least a generation,
  5. Yes, they may. Expectations of future rates rises will sucker the last of the fools into a fixed rate mortgage, as expectations for future rate rises will give them the rush to get the "cheap" money before the price of it goes up. Housing has two sides to the equation. On one side is the price and on the other side is the "cost" to borrow. If the cost to borrow side seems as though it is rising, then the fools will rush in. Of course the banks will be happy to oblige. As IRs rise then they are more willing to lend to riskier borrowers. This may give the housing market a blip -- before the whole lot comes crashing down to lack of jobs and lack of wages for those who do have jobs. Welcome to poverty - UK style.
  6. "mass cities" will become hell on earth. The masses all competing for dwindling city jobs will result violence and abject poverty. Stay away...
  7. a) Austerity = Don't you dare ask for a pay rise. b.) Immigration = Don't you dare ask for a pay rise. c) Outsourcing= Don't you dare ask for a pay rise. d) Terrorism = If you dare to complain and protest about any of the above you will be dealt with. a+b+c+d= Lowering in standard of living for the middle class. The lower class "benefit junkies" and the elite "bankers/ceo"s will be beneficiaries. This is the new world order and it is coming into view with laser like precision. NB: Pay Rise = Complain about inflation
  8. The spivs and gangsters are moving out of London because they realise they despised by the locals. They are tired of having their luxury cars keyed and food spat in the kitchens of restaurants of where these parasites eat. The business model of the "city" is only possible because of the backing of the UK tax payer via bailouts, tax concessions, and bank deposit guarantees. The tax revenue for the whole of the UK is being used to support the spivs in the city. If I was banker I would be careful what I eat and what I drink. Piss diluted in a pint of beer is so hard to detect.
  9. My gut feeling is you are talking rubbish. The only thing historians are going to mystified about is how we were all conned in accepting bits of paper backed by nothing for our sweat and toil. Of course, historians will also look back on posts like yours and wonder why people were so stupid.
  10. What you are not realising is there is no fix to this problem. We are at the start of inflation event that will DESTROY all form of government script. There is no way out - none. A total collapse of the US dollar (and all other fiat bits of paper and computer digits) is what is going to happen. Forex is for fools and bonds are for boneheads.
  11. It doesn't matter who enforces the peg - the result will be the same. A peg is a peg, and as long as the peg is maintained and IRs rise in China the dollar will rise and smash the weaker economy into shatters. This is result of being laden with debt, and is exactly what the US has been doing to third world countries for years. Meanwhile...., all currencies pegged to the dollar that are also deep in debt (poodle pound) are going to be soon starring into the abyss. This is economic warfare.
  12. Third world America.... What a joke. Whomever came up with this moronic statement needs to review some facts: 1) The USA can shut off all it's borders and feed itself at the same time starving billions worldwide; 2) The USA military can wipe the rest of the world's military of the face of the earth. The wars in Afgan and Iraq are just testing grounds for tactics and weaponery. These wars are never intended to be won or lost. 3) The USA dollar is the currency that ALL western currencies are pegged to. It goes down THEY all GO DOWN. 4) The standard of living in the USA is FAR FAR superior to the UK or any other crackpot Soviet style European country.
  13. The British Revolution followed by the French Revolution followed by the Russion Revolution were all planned well ahead of time by the elites. Following on from these cons, we went from "revolutions" to "world wars". Please note that world wars did not exist prior to the "revolutions".
  14. Please note Greenlight's bogus excuse of lower costs. Everyone knows comparing the custodian and gld fees are negligible. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=a16aPkJLxw0w July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Greenlight Capital Inc., the $5 billion hedge-fund firm run by David Einhorn, told investors it switched all of its holdings in a gold exchange-traded fund into bullion during the second quarter. “At a minimum this will provide some savings as the costs of storing gold are less than the fees” for the SPDR Gold Trust, the New York-based firm said yesterday in a letter to investors. and more.... http://www.finance-insurance-loans.com/finance/mortgage/passport-capitals-rationale-for-owning-physical-gold-versus-proxies/ At the end of 2009, John Burbank’s hedge fund Passport Capital took possession of their physical gold investment. It is kept in custody in Zurich with UBS and represents a 1% allocation in Passport Global. What’s interesting here is that Passport also notes that they intend to increase their exposure via physical gold and that they are unlikely to buy various proxies for gold (i.e. exchange traded fund GLD). Mr. Spin's moto: "don't be left holding the banksters bag"
  15. I agree with barclays...the ETF's are rubbish.
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