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  1. really!!!! wow! I'm surprised .... and abit disappointed that my own sex are apparently the ones who are shallow!
  2. (1) you are clearly not meeting the right kind of women if you have only met 1 who has never had debt problems - I am a woman and I only know one woman who has .. (2) perhaps thats because you appear to be shallower than a paddling pool in death valley ..... 21 year old lookers tend not to have a lot of money and tend to have big spending habits they can't afford (I know because I used to be on) .... fit though so thats ok I think you would find most 30 something women who are single - whether in fiancial dire straights or not are looking for a man for romance rather than cash - the majori
  3. +1 nicely put, if my husband and I both lost our jobs, although it would be pretty unlucky for us both to be out of work at the same time, then we would try and get by while we found new jobs without claiming any benefits, however given what we have both paid in tax over the last 20 years, currently both getting stung for 60% on income between £100 and £113K on account of the removal of any taxable allowance I would expect to be able to not have to sell all our assets before we would be entitled to help from the state like anyone else.
  4. likewise 6 months down the line we had 35 viewings to get an offer - close to asking price and acceptable but 3 months into sale buyers buyer asked for one more concenssion to may and our buyer sacked him - he has now accepted a new offer from a cash buyer at 20k less but we are now due to complete september - will have taken 9 months and we were lucky our buyer is in desirable area and found enw buyer within a week
  5. new as hopped across from other forum which was referencing this one actually lots to read here as we are currently selling house and our buyers buyer just dropped exchange day bombshell so we are on buyers buyer number 2 - whole process is shagged also have a bunch of rentals so watching with interest, rents are good and lots of demand so good news inbound for now - but wary of rising interest rates and dropping house prices - as we are in it for the long term interesting times
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