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  1. You missed soaking up housing stock for the native population forcing up prices subsidised by housing benefit paid for by?
  2. https://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/transport/vision-strategy/new-aviation-capacity-for-london Apparently increasing flight capacity is essential to our economy. Fast forward 100 years. Plans for Heathrow 27th runway to be approved following advice by a bloke to the government. It is essential for the growth of the economy and must proceed. Cobblers. We don't need a third runway now and we won't need it then. Joe public will enjoy no benefit from it whatsoever just a decrease in the quality of more peoples lives by noise and air pollution. But the proles won't listen until one lands on their house by mistake.
  3. These days a power cut will have a much greater I mpact on commerce, peoples lives and the general functioning of the country than it did back then. Our lives run on the internet. This forum would cease because there would be no HPC server, no backbone, no ISP and no power for your router or pc. Even my cat flap wouldn't work in a power cut. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of teenagers running around demented because the can't charge their phones and text their mates!
  4. I think that is because much of our labour is Spanish, Polish, etc.
  5. Not when you've got a money printing machine and you're not afraid to use it.
  6. Ah yes there are more of them but they are no better off thanks to QE aka money printing. No emoticon, I'm autistic.
  7. We always have done, that's capitalism isn't it?
  8. I worked in Hammersmith for may years and lived close by. It was and still is to my mind a dirty, smelly, noisy and generally unpleasant place to be. It absolutely amazes me that anyone would want to live there at all let alone pay to live there. Individuals buying this stuff at this price have obtained the money to pay for it far too easily.
  9. A lot of EAs are going to start seeing their advertising costs rocket and no corresponding increase in revenues.
  10. The term "Affordable housing" always amuses as by implication everything else is unaffordable therefore nobody can possibly have enough money or obtain enough debt to buy it.
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