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  1. Well i can assure you i wasn't being smug and only trying to help. :angry: No i don't have property in cambridge city centre. My apartment is not a council property,it is in a converted stately home The rtm is run by the owners of the apartments, hence we price check and employ everyone, so we don't get ripped off. Nothing smug about it, just people being sensible and not paying over the odds.
  2. yes, i am serious william h brown in brandon, suffolk asked to see our bank statement ! :angry: thats why i said , if this happens to you don't give out the information, let your lawyer confirm.!!
  3. I think you should point this out to your landlady and ask her to sort it, in a nice way. Just say you are a little scared/worried and could she see her way forward to making the property more secure. The other possible way is to ask the local neighbourhood watch policeman to give you a visit and see what he says. That way you could get some back up with your landlady.
  4. In the past I haven't found multi agent a problem. It keeps a good stream of viewers through your door. The agents work hard because they want that larger commission. I personally don't think it looks desperate, just looks like someone who wants to sell.
  5. Have a look at the recent sold prices for similar locally. Then go to the land registry website and pay for a copy of the title deeds. That way you will know what they paid for it and when, the prices for similar now. It will give you good scope to put in an offer.
  6. I don't like the idea of shared ownership full stop, but then maybe i am just old fashioned. From reading everyones posts here my thoughts are that if you are going ahead with buying this property then you should get a good conveyancing lawyer to go over the legal side of it and explain everything to you fully. Get together a list of questions and what if's and put it to the lawyer. They are best qualified to explain all. As for the service charge it sound far to much to me, especially if you are buying a new build. We have an apartment in an old converted country house in East Anglia, my se
  7. Beware of telling any agent that you are a cash buyer in the first instants. William h brown asked us as cash buyers to prove it by showing them our bank statement! Just say you have your finances arranged, and get yourself a solicitor in place, that way if they ask for proof you could get your solicitor to confirm you have the money, without showing them all. I believe that you are in a very good position and can bargin considerably. What about taking along with you a more experienced friend or relative, who understands more about the buying process? That way you wouldn't feel so under pr
  8. We purchased an apartment last year which was a repo, advertised with an agent. I would say if you are a cash buyer put a bid in now, they can only refuse and if you want then you could offer more. They will still advertise it until exchange of contracts but unless they get someone who is also a cash buyer my thoughts are they will stick with you. This is what happened in our case. As a cash buyer, get a lawyer in place for the paperwork so that if they accept your offer you can move fast. We were expected to be done in 4 weeks, but it was them who held things up in the end. If you go to a
  9. Why not go to the bank and explain that your mortgage promise is running out and ask them to renew it now, so you don't have to rush in and buy something so urgently?. We renewed ours many times over a two year period and it was never a problem with the halifax, they were very understanding. Take your time and find the right thing, if any property needs work doing make sure to get quotes for that work and then offer accordingly. We a few years ago went after a cottage in a bad state, by having a damp report done we saved 30k. A damp report is always a good barganing chip with a seller, cos
  10. I think East Anglia always has so many more properties for sale during the summer. Priced hightly looking for the passing person who doesn't know the area but may consider buying because its such a lovely area in summer. It may be better to wait until the winter, when those who are serious about selling are those on the market. Then you have a better chance of buying something at a reasonable price. Good Luck.
  11. Thanks for that. Looking at the accounts for the last few years, these managment companies appear to be such scammers. I can't believe what they have been getting away charging for things. Our building has had one bad experience after another, i am sure that when you employ these people they just look at what last years charges were and go with much of the same. The company we have are not that bad, i just feel we maybe need to re-negociate their role, as somethings they do well and other things badly. Maybe its me expecting too much, but as they are employed by us, i feel we call the shots
  12. We have a friend who has about 4 houses now in the Lincoln area. Rents to students. We have looked there ouselves but still see better investments south into Suffolk. Prices similar but returns better. (and suffolk is much prettier) One thing we did learn is that if you buy in central Lincoln be carefull of the flood risk areas. I have been told if you buy in a flood risk area your insurance will be sky high, so something to keep in mind.
  13. Good luck with the house purchase and don't worry about the people from house one. After all business is business!
  14. I would just hang on in there and ride out the sole agency contract. Then you owe them nothing for the hips?( i shouldn't think ?) I can't see how they can charge you for work not done especially as the hips is no more?? you could try checking this with trading standards. Then when that is up,call in as many agents as you can find and play the multi agent game.(minus them) Look at sold prices in your area and you decide the price. Good luck with what ever you decide, but don't let these agents push you around, after all you 're employ them not the other way around.
  15. I have to disagree on this one. There are far better places to live than cambridge. In the uk you work very high hrs for the wages return. Look at any med country and the working week is much shorter. It depends if its money you want of quality of life? For us relocating was the best thing we have ever done, and i feel sad that we couldn't have afforded to do it while our kids were young.
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