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  1. Your original argument was that because you have seen some nurses driving expensive cars then all nurses are overpaid. That is not a logical conclusion to draw Si, but don't let that get in the way of your juvenile name calling and resentment fueled bile.
  2. I am glad I don't live in your world Si. A nurse driving a nice car means that all nurses are overpaid Someone who points out the logical inconsistency in your statement is a 'champagne socialist' 2+2 = 5 I'll stick to my bubble as long as you stick to your pointless resentment that is eating you
  3. Si, you don't know anything about me - and where did I say ' Do as I say and not as I do'? The fact that you have seen someone driving a car that you cannot afford does not mean that 'Nurses are High on the State spending Hog'.
  4. So Si1 sees a nurse driving around in a nice car and immediately the greeen eyed monster inside starts to twitch. He immediately goes to HPC to share his resentment with his fellow travellers. Get a life Si !
  5. There was actually a study of sale figures in the USA (in the book Freakonomics) that showed that EAs sell their own houses at a slightly higher price than others on their books (something like 3-5% or so). The rationale / explanation given was that the amount of comission that they would make on the extra 3-5% was not worth the effort / risk involved. But it was worth it when they took the full 5% (and not 2% of the 5%). It could just be that EAs would know how to market their house and present it to its best. Anyway, this analysisof real figures would seem to counter the suggestion made on
  6. I think that the OP is guilty of overthinking this one. Someone else valued the property higher than you -end of. You have no idea about the motivation for their valuation and it is pointless second guessing them. Looking at your post, you may not have considered, that for some punters, not missing out on the house they really want is worth more to them than the £10K that you were trying to save.
  7. No not really referring to anything on this thread, just the general feel on this site at times. This is more the sort of thing I mean
  8. Exactly - so why the animosity towards homeowners on here?
  9. Well said OP. I too am a home owner but read this site from time to time and think that property is over valued - but I have thought that for about 10 years now.. I am often surprised by the amount of animosity expressed towards homeowners by some on here - as you point out - not all home owners are obsessed with how much their home is worth (certainly not as much as some non home owners on here) . When I have bought a house in the past I always ask myself the following two questions; Do I really want to live there? Can I actually afford it? As you say you are buying a home not an investm
  10. But you do really care too much or else why bother to post your bitter little missives wishing that bad things will happen to other people. And if they do eventually realise that 'you were right' all along, so what - they still won't like you. This is going to be my last post on this one. If you are a troll - then well done I responded. If you are not a troll and are serious then you are extremely immature, very sad and possibly in need of help. All of this anger that you feel towards other people is no doubt an expression of your self loathing reflected onto the outside world. BTW my guessin
  11. nw3 like several others on here, to me, you seem slightly scary and a little strange. You have posted the details of a house owned by an elderly couple in your neighbourhood (now completely identifyable to any lowlife online), commented on their frailty, accused them of being greedy, complained when they wouldn't accept your cheeky offers, and then wished 'in jest' that they have some sort of accident that would force them to accept your offer. Then you tell someone else who objects not to comment because you are misunderstood and its just 'banter'. Apart from the fact that this is a message
  12. @Pent Up Why do you care so much what others do - are you envious? If you really believe that there will be a HPC then people near you exposing themselves to unreasonable risks will help the stack of cards to fall - you should be pleased. @HTTB I forgot to add - Apart from prawns I really like guessing games. I hope that you will not mind if I take my turn; I guess that you; are over 30; live at home with you parents; are single - am I close?
  13. @PentUp Thanks for your reply - I, like you, are not party to all of the facts so we cannot make a sound judgement as to whether it is sensible. A bank, apparently, even in this environment thinks that it is - so perhaps you may not be able 'to enjoy watching them get raped' in the future as you so nicely put it. Personally, I do not revel in the anticipation of other people's misfortune whether it is self inflicted or not which was the point of my comment. I agree with the general thesis of this site in that housing is vastly overpriced at the moment but I have thought that for about 10 yea
  14. For someone who can forsee the future so well, you sound like quite a bitter individual Pent Up. 'What the hell is wrong with people?' - indeed.
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