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  1. Hi everyone... I'm new on here, and haven't had a chance to look through all of the past topics. However, it's clear to everyone that our country is in a "supposed" financial mess. I say "supposed" because at the end of the day, it's just money... and even plainer than that... it's just digits on a computer screen these days! So: we "aparently" are in debt as a nation to the tune of billions of pounds... but who are we in debt to? The BOE, IMF, World Bank etc.... ??? What I'm saying is this... why the heck have we allowed our own country to be in debt, and not just owe money, but a ton of interest too... which will obviously only benefit one place: the banks themselves! Look at all the taxes we are all subjected to each and every year, a list which is growing and growing each year, especially with the new carbon taxes that are hitting everything. If you took every single £ of taxes that the government takes off of us each year, and then used the majority of it to pay for our public services like it is supposed to (instead of paying back big loans + a ton of interest)... then surely we'd be living in a country where not one person is unemployed, our public services would be the best in the world; we'd have the best medical services, the best schools, the best police, the best fire services, and could then easily afford to take care of the needy like the young, sick / disabled and elderly.... not to mention the hundreds and thousands of poor people that come back from wars needing extra help and support! The issue here is not that we are in debt.... but that we owe that debt to a third party (i.e. the banks!). What is stopping our government turning around and saying: right, we are now going control and issue our own money; we will create our own money for our own public services, and pay our own people to carry out everything that is needed. You can never be in debt to yourself, so why should a country be in debt to itself.... why should it ever need to borrow... why does it not create it's own money at 0% interest to itself??? My answer to this is that every single country allows a private bank to control it's money supply... whether that's the BOE & Fed Reserve (both PRIVATE banks), IMF, World Bank etc etc.... and that whoever controls the money, has all the power! Our country is guided not by the government and the Prime Minister, but by the people that control the issuance of our money: the bankers! They created a very clever and cunning plan to take control of every country, by controlling their money supply; and you can't fault them for that... but it's at the expense of the quality of life for every single person on this planet... The world is controlled by a very small amount of people indeed, yet they have the majority of it's wealth. We have enough resources on this planet to ensure that not one single person goes without food or shelter, that not one single town or country is in poverty, that everyone can be looked after and live a happy life. Money = Power = Greed! Things may never change, but the big issue is that the general public don't even know what really goes on amongst the "powers that be", or what really happens to all the money that get's taken away from them as taxes. They all complain that things are bad, but have no idea how to fix it..... and that's how it's been designed to be... no one can rise up and make a stand, because they have no clue about where the problems really lie! I may be wrong, and this is just my opinion... but I hate seeing on the news that our country is in a financial mess, with the blame being placed on each of us + previous governments. All governments are the same, and will never change anything unless they take control of their own currency... if our government really did pull the strings, they could simply cancel + wipe out all debt... so obviously they aren't in control at all! Thank you for taking the time to read my opinions.... and I look forward to any comments you may have.... ***This is OUR country, why should WE let ourselves suffer? We should look after each other; the world is a mess, and only WE can change things... not a handful of government officers and ministers! Take responsibility for once; if you don't like something, stand up and say so... otherwise we're all nothing more than sheep or cattle... waiting in line for the next blow to be delivered to us!
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