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  1. It's a real shame that older people don't downsize and allow younger people with families to buy their homes However much of the reason for this can be laid at the governments door in terms of stamp duty, 20% VAT on everything and moving costs My widowed neighbour downsized from a 4 bed house to a 2 bed bungalow and thought she would free up about £75,000 (she is aged 54 and still working) By the time she had paid all costs, fees , removal vans , and the cost of new curtains etc at the new home she only free'd up about £48,000 and wishes she had stayed put Also the house she sold had a new boiler and completely refurbed central heating system - it now looks like she will have to spend out thousands more in the new place quite soon to replace the boiler There are many hidden costs to moving house that is why many outright owners stay put We have lived in our house 19 years and personally I could not care whether it is ''Worth'' £375.000 or £10 It is no consequence to me as we hope never to move
  2. Land is an asset but Property is not truly a tangible asset. It is essentially a liability Just like a car it requires quite a bit of money to maintain it!!!
  3. Agreed, Our Government is printing our sterling into oblivion. In the mid 1970's I can remember that Gold sovs were £25 each, petrol was 10p a litre, and a brand new 250cc motorbike was about £400 At that time a pound note seemed a lot and could buy a round (22p a pint) and get change. A pound coin is now shrapnel and most goods in supermarkets are a pound per item or more!! Get your money out of cash and into tangible assets (antiques, silver, baked beans , even toilet paper would hold its value!!!) Sterling will continue devaluing against all hard assets (Forget the stock market Your money is not backed by a hard asset - I got burnt and lost thousands in the 1987 crash)
  4. The easiest test for silver is the spit test. Spit on the coin or item and immediately wrap it in alumimium foil for 10 seconds When you unwrap it you will smell rotten eggs - hydrogen sulphide because most silver has a little tarnish on it which is silver sulphide!!!!! This does not work so well on new looking untarnised silver!!
  5. They're all canny BTL investors looking to open a new account for their massive profits...
  6. Its not only petrol... My wife phoned this morning to mention that three pints of milk at tesco was £1.96 today up from £1.68 yesterday. Also loads of people seem to be stocking up on meat (Panic buying due to possible spread of foot and mouth ???)
  7. Quote 'The worldwide indicator of inflation indicates deflation on the horizon' How can there be deflation when we are told that the money supply is growing by about 10% per year. By definition our true inflation rate (i.e. the decrease in monetary value is probably 10% per year). Interest rates are headed upwards. Thats why the stockmarket is dropping....
  8. Quote 'I think it's illegal to melt down coins of the realm. You'll probably end up in the dungeon of your local shire reeve. ' True but why not just hoard thousands of them - in a few years time nu abour will sign up for the Euro and they'll no longer be legal tender !!!
  9. I work in a commercial insurance brokers and quite a few small business clients are currently lapsing their business insurance policies due to not having sufficient work at present. The hardest hit seem to be small precision engineers and tradesmen like window cleaners and builders. We have also noticed a rise in premium defaults. While I concede we may not be in a full blown recession yet, it is a fact that more businesses are struggling this year than at the same time last year. I went shopping with Mrs numbersix on saturday and the high street was the quietest I have seen for ages!! If people do stop spending then this country will collapse along with House prices!!! Have other people noticed the same or is it booming in your neck of the woods ???
  10. QUOTE(Zaranna @ Mar 21 2006, 05:13 PM) What if I can't afford to have children; or I have to wait until house prices a drop, and then it's too late? I'm 28 and no-one I know has children yet. They can't afford it (few own property, either). If we wait 5 years until we can afford to buy - what happens if half of us find we are infertile? A very depleted next generation. If, as a society, it's going to be difficult to support the boomers on the taxes of much fewer workers - then what happens when the generations below get smaller and smaller? What happens to the boomers? It's a serious question. If you live to seventy, and the birth rate keeps on dropping, what will happen to you? You would probably class us as of the boomer generation but we didn't have kids until into our 30's as we couldnt afford them before that and 16 years on thanks to Nu Lab we probably cant afford to send our kids to Uni in the next couple of years. Also thanks to 2 redundancies I am now earning the same as I was more than ten years ago!! A friend also recently lost his £30K IT job aged 50 and is now a teaching assistant on £12K per year. Many people in their late 40s and early fifties with teenage children have a lot less money than you think including those like us without 4X4's , flash cars etc !!! They may have houses but in the Nu Labour miracle many are struggling...
  11. Quote ''I get on very well with my parents, and we have come to the following decision. I am going to pay for an extension on my parents house. This will include converting the Garage into a nice cosy small lounge with cooking facilities for me and my girlfriend. Above this we are goig to extend with an en-suite large bedroom for us. Basically, it will be like our own home, but a part of the single house. Ok, this will increase the price of our house by about £30,000, but at least we're not paying £100,000+ for a Sh*tty 1 bed flat in the middle of a drug ridden dump.'' This is a very good idea. I might do this when my teenage kids are older as our house has the size & potential to extend. As well as proportionate savings in council tax, utility bills including gas!!, TV license etc there will also be the benefit of not throwing money to some BTL landlord. Obviously for this to work the whole family must get on well !!! There is an old saying that 2 can live cheaper than one - obviously 6 can live cheaper than 2 !!!!!
  12. Quote ''At least if they can build mass housing for "key workers" Bath will be able to retain emergency services. This might be a good policy for the rest of Britain--to build cheap "dormitory" housing for nurses, teachers, dustmen etc. so that essential services are not lost as young people and the lower paid are priced out of buying their own homes?'' This term 'Key Workers' really pisses me off... Every worker can be considered to be a key worker ... If there were no Tyre Fitters in a town how would a cop or ambulace driver cope.. Scrap the term 'Key Workers' and give all employees including those in the private sector a fair chance to buy a property at a fair price :angry:
  13. Quote APOM ''to work longer you need more jobs'' Entirely agree You also need to be in good enough health How many 65 plus year old people are still up to working 35/40 hours per week??? Most have high blood pressure, diabetes, back problems etc etc How are employers going to cope with the likely sick time that these working pensioners are likely to have to take!! The whole idea of working till you die is wrong especially when people have paid in tax and insurance for more than 35 years on a promise of retiring at 65 to find that this will not happen!! Whilst I accept that some people may be fit enough to work part time past the age of 65 it should not be mandatory. Why not pension all people at 65 (including the Public Sector) and allow youngsters aged 16-21 to take their jobs and forget University for most people who dont need to go there???
  14. quote ''The numbers Total numbers of east European workers who have come to work in the United Kingdom since the EU expanded Poles 162,870 Lithuanians 37,275 Slovakians 29,395 Latvians 18,480 Czechs 16,385 Hungarians 8,200 Estonians 3,855 Slovenians 270 Total: 290,695 '' If the above is truly forcing up property prices in the UK then wouldnt the prices of property where these migrants come from have dropped in proportion to the UK increase?? Eventually in about 10 years if you are correct the price of a 3 bed semi in the UK will be £5 Million but in Poland it would only be about £500 !!!! That will not happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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