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  1. Now that is interesting! I'm wondering if two more have popped up on Righmove today. One's on Bull close Road and another on Magpie. Or would the council have to sell at auction? I wonder if there's any way of finding out which properties the council are looking to offload as we're FTB's looking to buy in Norwich. Maybe I should give the council a quick call to see if they have a nice 3 bed terrace in the golden triangle that needs a bit of work that they'd be willing to part with for, say, 120k, that would suit us down to the ground! If only....!
  2. Thank you luigi and audi tt. We're looking exclusively in Norwich now. Stick to what you know and all that! Although that said we did go to see a very optimistically priced semi-det house in Diss last weekend but it needed alot of work, central heating etc. Too much work for us both financially and logistically as we'd have had to live in the house whilst we sorted it out with our toddler running around 'helping', not a good plan . So it's back to Norwich. There do seem to be quite a high proportion of properties coming up in our price range with no onward chain, ex btl's that need some tlc mo
  3. Thanks for asking Luigi but unfortunately the vendor pulled out. Of course this was 6 weeks in and after we'd shelled out money for a mortgage application fee, valuation, searches and received our mortgage offer etc. Great! We were really set on the house in the end too. According to our mortgage broker and also a local estate agent (in Norwich) lots of sales are falling through at the moment. All types of properties and both vendors and buyers dropping out. The estate agent said the last two months have been the worst for this happening. Me thinks the housing market may be getting the jitters
  4. Hello one and all, We're ftb's in the process of buying a house in Diss but can't really get a feel for the place other than it appears to be a town of two halves ie chavtastic vs. very nice thank you. The motivations for buying in the town are work relocation and that houseprices are more favourable there than in Norwich / Bury St Edmunds etc. Does anyone on here know Diss at all? What is it like as a place to live? What's the Diss housing market like? If we need to move on in a few years will it take us a year to sell it on and then at a bargin basement price? We've held out and held out on
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