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  1. Help needed please? I am in the process of buying a new build Wimpey house. They have told me that I have to complete by the 30th June, and that is not negotiable. However I have just realised that (a massive oversight by me) my deposit money is tied up in a fixed rate bond account until the 17th July (I thought it was June). I am currently living in rented acommodation so, as I understand it, I can't get a bridging loan. I will phone the fixed rate bond bank tomorrow and state my case but I dont hold out much hope. On the plus side, I haven't exchanged contracts yet so if I have to withdraw I will only lose my reservation fee. But we want this house. Can anyone please advise on what options are available to me? Many thanks
  2. Normally, when I see really long posts like this, I just can't be bothered to read them. However, I did read it and I'm glad I did. Brilliant post Sybil.
  3. But how does she know I'm a time waster. She didn't ask me any details. I have no chain, I have a large deposit and I have no problems getting a mortgage. But why should I pay more than its worth? Why not negotiate? If it doesn't work out then so be it. I will look eleswhere. I'm in no hurry.
  4. I have just tried to place an offer for a 4 bed detached new build in Cornwall and the woman flatly rejected it without even asking me my name or taking any of my details. They have openly admitted that they can't sell the house and they are now stopping the building of future 4 bed houses because they are not selling. My offer was £180k. They are asking £244995. I know its a big drop (about 27%) but what annoyed me was the fact that she didn't even bother to take any of my details. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...6x%3D69%26y%3D9
  5. I am getting sick to death of listening to the government complaining about the banks not lending more money. Personally, I don't want to borrow more, I just want property to be more affordable. (I know the banks lending doesn't just include mortgages.) I am currently renting and I have spare money to allow my kids to have holidays and have a decent life. I could borrow lots to buy the property I need but what quality of life would my family have? Am I missing something here?
  6. I cant actually be bothered to work out sums and figures. All I do know is that I STR'd in October 2006. Spent a bit and banked the rest. I am several hundred pound a month better of without a mortgage and my family now have a much better quality of life than we had before. We've even been to Disney World. Our first family holiday ever. I don't care if I ever own a house again.
  7. Drove past the Jet garage at Indian Queens about an hour ago and the queue massive backing out to the A30.
  8. About 5 years agao, we were going to emigrate to Canada. But as time went on we got cold feet and stayed put. I think we may have re think our emigration plans again. We cannot afford to live in rip off Britain anymore.
  9. I've got a tenner on a 0.5% rise too. Good luck. I think we'll need it.
  10. Gold still rising nicely. Will it reach $800 by year end? I hope so
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