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  1. So my hubby earns £45k and I earn nothing as I'm at home with two children so we forfeit CB which is arguably fair enough; however another couple earn £85k between them and keep it? That's absolutely ridiculous. how can it possibly be perceived as in any way fair?
  2. That's interesting Scud. I applied to close mine yesterday, but they didn't mention any sofware problem. Mind you, I'm transferring the funds to another Santander account so maybe they'll release the funds.
  3. It means 9 houses listed in the last 14 days have already sold.
  4. Here in Lincoln it's mainly the derisory 5 % drops....
  5. As a newbie I love this forum as much for the biting humour as the information! I've probably missed something, but I think especially as our house buying experiences seem so varied depending on our locations it would be useful to have a space under 'bull or bear' to state our home town or county. I often find myself reading posts that say 'Where I live..." but have no idea to where the poster is referring. What does anyone else think?
  6. Thanks Mrs Bear, no unfortunately it's deceased estate and has been empty for the last 18 months. However, I'm seriously considering attempting to track down the ownders as I believe the next door neighbour has details. It's the complete deceit that has got me so het up. I was fine thinking it had been sold for mway more than we were prepared to pay, but am not happy at all if they're paying the same as we offered and we had no opportunity to increase our offer despite having already made two.
  7. I am very upset today having made an offer on a house in Lincoln three weeks ago of 15% less. The manager of a different branch phoned up to say no and we'll try and find something else for you which I thought at the time was odd/rude, especially as we have sold our own and are renting. We had a second viewing and offered roughly 10% less- £249k it was on at 274,950. Repeated that we were keen to move quickly had no house to sell, mortgage lined up etc. Didn't even get a reply. Phoned up five days later and withdrew the offer. A week later it was sold. Assumed it was the asking price as so qui
  8. I'm in Lincoln itself and houses are very overpriced. However this week, really for the first time, there have come a flutter of tiny reductions scattered around lots of different EAs. It's a start. I believe average household incomes here are around £20k so £200k seems a huge amount for the area. Apparently 40% of property is sold to buyers from outside the county which is hardly a surprise.... However, I wonder if this will stop prices falling or just delay it. I offered 10 % less than the asking price for something a few weeks ago and the EA didn't even get back to me! Just saw a sold sig
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