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  1. It's turning out be more contagious and deadly than the original swine flu!
  2. Cruel, but very funny. ! The OP will never be able to sleep again! Even new builds have to be capable of supporting a bathtub full of water with a big chap in it (which would give a similar loading).
  3. I realise I also ignored the fish, though I fink they shouldn't tip the scales too much...
  4. It equates to 2000kg per 4sqm ie 500kg per sqm. Compare to a woman in 1sq cm stilettos weighing 60kg, equating to 30kg per 0.0001sqm or 300000kg psqm. If the saddo upstairs has been lucky enough to have a woman there and she hasn't fallen through, you'll probably be ok. Ok, I am ignoring the pressure on the joists and someone with a calculator will check the number of zeroes above soon, but you get the idea.
  5. Another couple suffering from construction blindness that should have had a decent survey done.
  6. If the traveller site goes ahead it will seriously depress house prices locally. Many people will simply never consider living within 1/4 mile of a camp for fear of thieving, hygiene and noise problems. The fact there a camp is being planned nearby should already be depressing the value of the house. Does the current price reflect this? From what you have written it doesn't appear so, so a 90% offer on the asking ought to get some traction. It seems to me you are thinking of gambling over half a million pounds on the expectation that the traveller camp doesn't get agreed. However, you sh
  7. Street View gives a lot of help in finding house numbers. First one is no. 31, last one no. 29. CBA to check the others sorry.
  8. Did it give a lofty response? I'll get me coat.
  9. Actually the June figure was later revised to -0.5%, according to Forex. I'm guessing -1.0%.
  10. Property Bee also has a Sidebar feature which lists the history of all the properties you've viewed. If you know a property used to be listed, you can scan through and find the old advert and compare to the new one.
  11. Even the BBC is reporting it, with a link from the front page no less.
  12. Well we have the latest Nationwide figures out tomorrow, probably the first negative HPI from them, so that should be interesting.
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