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  1. Purely anecdotal but I've lived in Japan for 10 years and from what I have seen the "average" Japanese person keeps most of their savings in the bank.
  2. There's pent up demand for Ferraris, too. I want one but I can't afford one.
  3. Here's a photo of a billboard in Malaysia that I took on holiday there recently.
  4. Good point. It would make sense to word it in English though as in Malaysia its a business language and widely spoken among the educated and affluent. Malays who could afford to invest would all speak English. I had a look at the website. http://www.batterseapowerstation.co.uk/sales-centres/ They have sales offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, too.
  5. Just been on holiday to Malaysia. Saw this billboard on a roadside in Penang. There was actually quite a bit of construction happening on Penang itself. Is the lure of owning an iconic piece of London so strong that Malaysians will invest in the UK before their home country?
  6. I saw this episode. The main money guy of the couple nearly went bust at various stages trying to fund the project. He had to liquidate all his assets in a hurry and then some. Guess what they were? A load of BTLs. He was a property developer.
  7. This sounds like an apology for the Japanese Empire. China makes a similar defense for annexing Tibet.
  8. My heart sank when I read this. I cannot understand how people can think like this. We should always be examining and questioning the law.
  9. Dumb as that TV presenter is I would still f*** her eight ways from Sunday.
  10. I think he was referring to living in an Internet cafe. The reason some Japanese people can live in a small booth is because of common courtesy. In the UK people would cause problems by making noise, getting drunk, arguing etc. It's the same reason people can live in (relatively) small apartments in Japan. You don't have to worry about your neighbours.
  11. I can't remember the exact percentages but I came across a statistic like this a while back. It was in a panorama documentary I think and it was presented by Will Hutton. The way it was presented then wasn't just referring to the last ten years, more like decades. I have used it in several discussions where I have claimed the British are obsessed with house prices.
  12. When did the Greece situation first come to the attention of the MSM? Seems we have been waiting for the "big event" for ages. Let's face it, if anyone manages to call it then it will be down to luck. However, those people will attempt to say I told you so.
  13. If you are British, you just proved that point.
  14. This depressing list could go on and on. There is no limit to the ways a government can take from its citizen. It just takes a little imagination.
  15. I am no economist but isn't China in a good position to spend to stimulate its economy? I thought the government had a ton of money. This is as opposed to say the UK that has tried to borrow its way out of a hole while claiming it's Keynesian to spend your way out of a recession. When anyone points out that the idea is you save in the good times to spend in the bad times it falls on deaf ears.
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