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  1. Monday 28th June- Made an offer of £700K Tuesday 29th June- Rejected as they had a buyer offering £725K Thursday 1st July - Agent came back asking if still interested as "buyers" couldn't afford stamp duty. Offered £705K , again rejected as vendor is putting place back on market. Monday 5th July am. Agent calls telling me of lots of offers well in excess of mine, but no one has sold their property, so would I be prepared to increase £705K offer. I refused to increase and told him if I was going to make an offer it would only be £700K now as I only offered the extra to stop them selling it. Monday 5th July pm - Agent asking if I could pay any more than £700K as seller needs to move quick. Told him £700K is all I will offer. Accepted! Told him I'll sleep on it. Anyway the moral of that story is that if you have sold your place and have all your finances in place do NOT bid against fairy tale buyers. But now I have to give them a decision in the morning and I'm thinking are there any real buyers out there and will my 5 bed semi be only worth £600K in 12 months time. Any thoughts on Woodford?
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