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  1. Bitstamp has two step security.. seems quite solid but obviously Im new to this.. I've been following ripple closely for the past few weeks and trying to read as much as possible.. seems a better option than the others
  2. If i buy, do I need a wallet as well? Please excuse the simplicity of my questions, its late!
  3. just tried verifying my account... could take up to two weeks to be verified
  4. I remember when I used to use the site, there was a bitcoin thread that was a sticky.. Not this one, but im certain there was one.. if not, I definitely remember people talking about it
  5. Sorry to jump in on the thread.. Was a regular visitor of this site up until the middle of 2013... never bothered reading the bitcoin sticky at the time... more fool me!! Congratulations to those who bought a while ago... never will I not pay attention to a sticky thread again! Looks like I ve missed the boat on this one!
  6. Just a quick updtae on setiment im seeing amongst my friends who are approaching thier mid to late twenties.... Can see that realistically have little or no chance to buy so are either renting or staying at home and opting to spead their disposable income on holidays to Ibiza or Friday and Saturday nights on the lash. Not even too worried if they can never buy with one in particular inisiting that buying is very british and he's happy to take the continental approach
  7. Bit of a hijac here but not a bad article, worth a read! http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/may/22/house-price-boom-children-victims
  8. Im 28 and have been paying into my public sector pension for five years (hate working for public sector but thats a different story), however Ive never even looked at what it all means as im used to everyone telling me how great the pension is... Anyway, the way things are going, im starting to think i'd be better off using the money that I pay into my pension each month to buy PM's instead for the rest of my working days
  9. Been reading through this thread for the last few days and have pointed a few people I know (Non-hpcers) to the thread, as I believe it will help them see the light... All have commented how much sense many of the comments make Anyway, it has given me an idea (not sure if it has already been done). Whenever I try to have a conversation about why I think house prices will fall, and why raising house prices are not a good thing, I always hold my own for so long until it feels as though I begin rambling. I think what we need to devise is a document of some sort that all us hpcers can print out
  10. Costco - Eggs, meat, bread, milk, coffee, rice, veg, cheese, bog roll, washing powder, oil Lidl/aldi - Jars (beetroot, pickled onions etc), tins, some other veg, pasta, cleaning products, One of big supermarkets - coke (when on offer), and anything that you can only get here e.g those packet mix things Anyone do anything similar?
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