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  1. We're now renting direct with the owners, everything is above board, made perfect sense as we'd be their for a couple of years. We both saved money though them probably more than us, the agents we're taking a 15% cut of the rent every month as the standard management charge !!! When the landlord fired them they tried to reduce to 7% !! though he said thanks but no thanks Is it normal for letting agents to charge 15% of the rent ?
  2. Over the last 3-4 years the market has been dominated by BTLr's many of them amateurs trying to make a quick buck. I would not be surprised if at least 70% of them we're BTL in that case tough shi!
  3. In my industry, electronics. 42 jobs by one company, another just laid off 37, their will be cuts in our company US owned, though we're all waiting for that xmas present. I know of some many friends getting laid off and the worrying thing is its right accross the board, no industry is safe in the private sector. Need to get myself one of those confy jobs in the public sector, where no matter how bad you are at your job you never get sacked just moved into another department,
  4. So can they go or do they have to do another month from today ?
  5. Hi all, My sisters mother inlaw has decided to move from their current rented property as they have noticed rents have fallen significantly in their area (@£200 a month) they firstly tried to get the rent reduced though the landlord was unwilling to even meet them halfway. Their 6 month tenancy comes to an end on the 1st of December, they told the EA today who said they will have to stay for a month, though their is nothing is the aggreement. Can they leave on the 1st Dec or do they have to give a months notice ? Thanks in advance.
  6. If you've not done an inventory check they've not a leg to stand. If you still don't get any joy, give it 6 months go back and put the windows in, job done
  7. Spoke to an EA today the person I usually speak to and 50% of the staff have been made redundant, and they are lot alone on our small high street. It seems on further enquiries all the agents in the town have been doing the same, just keeping a skeleton crew in place....
  8. Yep the city bankers left in the city are hoarding cash rather than spending it, the boat building industry is on its knees a big company in the UK that designs electronics for boats in portsmouth is in deep pooh.... Sign of the times
  9. It does depend on where you live, though in the beds / herts rents have been coming down. It's turning into a tennants market IMHO
  10. Nope croydon top of the turds. Chav Towns Chaviest Town in England 2008? Croydon23.37% (5249) Gravesend3.79% (852) Dartford4.47% (1005) Widnes3.64% (817) Hull15.18% (3409) Bradford8.66% (1945) Bromley4.16% (935) Coventry12.32% (2767) Southamton8.29% (1861) Nuneaton4.94% (1109) Chatham11.18% (2511) Sheerness3.16% (710) Total Votes: 22460
  11. Croydon what a cesspit, got to be the ass'ole of the universe, think it came top in the 'chav' town league. I'd rather live in iraq
  12. Falling eh, we've about 40 shops, at least 10 hair dressers & 11 EAs, I concur with the lack of quality, I'd also add brainless too.
  13. My brother in law works as a roofer mainly in herts, the company he works for is struggling, headcount of 20 a year ago down to 5, main problem is cashflow. They've now asked that remaining workers go self employed, its getting worse....... Though I agree it's regional, some builders are doing ok still
  14. Anyone got any real figures for this sector, lots of talk in the market of mounting losses & closures though none closing in my neck of the woods, mid-beds in fact we gained another letting's agency a few weeks ago !.
  15. I've had no problems in the beginning I did with one agent 5years ago. But a bit of fortunate confrontation down the pub one night made him quickly see the error of his ways.
  16. I read that comment from brown tongue up bushs Uranus meaning that if necessary to prevent another bank run he would stop joe public from withdrawing their money.
  17. I feel so sorry for these foxtons oiks they had aspirations of becoming bankers, they had to settle with being EAs, now they're busy filling in the Mc Donalds application forms
  18. Homes & Mortgages in Stevenage (old town) gone into administration, it was reported in the local rag.
  19. Are you not in breach of the data protection act by making such statements on a public forum ?
  20. Perhaps now EA maggots / scum of the earth will realise its time to get out of the business & get a real job that has transferable job skills and treats its customers with respect.
  21. Trouble is it will never happen, the rich have always got away with it just like fat politicians. What will happen is that middle class family's will be taxed more (lambs to the slaughter) bringing the difference in disposable income to them and a family on benefits to a meagre couple of quid.
  22. Happens all the time in Canada, the county has an excellent education system, most folk end up in California.
  23. I live in mid beds, the EAs are focussing heavily on lettings, more & more property coming onto the market, prices going down & down.
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