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  1. I live on the Quayside and every weekend its full of big groups of drunk stag parties shouting abuse at any woman who passes them in the street, they tend to stay at the Travel lodge and Premier Inn, i live near the Travelodge and about once a month the fire brigade are called in the middle of the night and everyone is out on the street making noise. On a Sunday morning there is broken glass, beer cans and vomit. I am in the process of moving away after having put up with this for 2 years. I wouldnt recomend buying on the Quayside.
  2. Hey Durham Lad, thanks very much for the advice, i like the saltwell park area too. In the mean time its a matter of working hard and saving hard, best of luck to you too
  3. Yes it's a nightmare trying to avoid the chavs, they seem to be everywhere!! I ll keep researching for a good while yet before i make a decision.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Can i ask why you think now is not a good time to buy, do you reckon the prices will fall?
  5. Hiya i' m new to the forum and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if Low Fell is a safe area to live in. I m interested in buying a flat or a small house hopefully close to bus links as i work in Newcastle city centre and i dont drive. Cheers
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