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  1. Good luck with that. You see TPTB who kick the can down the road can play another trick, they can extend the road whenever it suits them,
  2. Well any chance of getting this site compatible with tapatalk and bring this site into the 19th century?
  3. Yeah for sure, a hybrid of hell. Pure evil personified if I ever seen it.
  4. Oh so you must be a business owner with employees working for you so you can speculate in stocks and shares or you are a full time investor???? Self employed is in the same half as being an employee, the last day that you work will be the last money you earn. His business owner quadrant only applies if you have a large business 100 + employees working for you with a large turnover. The book is a croc of shit. No respect for the author from he started plugging MML/ponzi schemes. And the info is way out of date. The author "sells the dream" that the suckers cant get enough of.
  5. One of the best most accurate posts ever on the hpc. I even logged on to for once to acknowledge it.
  6. Commercial property advertising "rent these premises and get the first 3 months free" Long established pubs ( 2nd and 3rd generation) going out of business. Driving lessons reduced to £12 a lesson.
  7. My link "Tackling social welfare fraud" will not yield anything like €600 million in savings, since the real cost of fraud is something closer to €25 million. By Michael Taft. This is getting tiresome. “Minister of State Fergus O'Dowd has said that the Government believes it can save €600m by tackling social welfare fraud.” The claim that the level of social welfare fraud is €600 million is, itself, a fraudulent claim. The level of social welfare fraud is €26 million. The level of fraud is not €600 million. It suits a certain agenda which wants to soften up public opinion for social welfa
  8. As long as you have 15 or 20 quid in your back pocket on a Friday, who gives a f**k.
  9. Good enough for em. They will take it on the chin like every other austerity measure sold to them and still not have 1 clue what just happened to them. They (the people) had plenty of chances to avoid their economic collapse. WAKE UP YOU IRISH SHEEP.
  10. The wife has a DEGREE is travel and tourism. In debt £24k for the privilage. The parchment paper is more use to her than the degree. 1. it can clean your hole 2. use it to start a coal fire. Oh and shes a cleaner. "just until she gets something BETTER"
  11. Well I dont have much in my bedsit. I have a half a head of hair and a leg of a chair, I could move house in around 3 secs.
  12. No gold is not a bubble, its a precious metal, not suds and water. If that where the case everytime I do the washing up, wash the car, shower etc I would be rich.
  13. These kids need REAL help, not jail sentences. Should have some sort of re-habilation policy for them all or anger management counseling. The can be productive to society, just give them a chance.
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