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  1. Nylon please allow me to respond to your comments privately
  2. Hi Joe The apartment sold for £176,000 back in 2005. It has two bedrooms, is approx 735 sq ft in size and faces out over Belfast Lough although there are views of the city as well. It's on the seventeenth floor so the views are panoramic and each of the bedrooms as well as the sitting room has a full wall of windows to capitalise on the view. At the height of the property boom similar apartments in Obel sold for around £340,000. We are all waiting to see what kind of valuation is put on them in today's market. Don't get me wrong - it's a fine enough apartment and we probably bought at a reasonable price - but the amount of hype surrounding this development led everyone to expect something spectacular and anyone who bought at the top of the wheel prices has paid much too much. Considering that the developers strapline was 'We encourage people to live with their heads in the clouds' I guess we should have all been more cautious and realistic.
  3. Thanks for your advice. We are weighing up the situation and waiting for further views and information before making a final decision.
  4. As a purchaser in Obel I would like to share information and experiences with other purchasers. After a very long wait - since Aug 2005 - to be precise and several extensions of time by the developer we have finally been informed that the tower is complete and ready for occupation as of today 30th June 2010. We finally got to see the 'iconic' 'landmark' building up close and personal on Mon 28th June. It was a bit of an anti climax. The views from the apartment are staggering but the developer cannot claim credit for these. The internal finishes by contrast are very banal and ordinary rather than the 'exacting specification at Obel' which 'celebrates design and style in harmony'. Having purchased off plan back in 2005 we are probably paying one of the lowest purchase prices with apartments having been purchased more recently at almost twice the 2005 price. Anyone paying over the odds is bound to be dissatisfied in the extreme. There was no communication from the developer leading up to completion. No opportunity to have an input into the finish of individual apartments or upgrade if desired. Instead we have been presented with a fait accompli whereby the developer has saved as much time and money as possible by using a standard finish with laminate kitchens and bathroom fittings which are adequate but hardly luxurious or high specification. The most worrying costcutting exercise has seen the replacement of phoenix gas central heating with wall mounted electric heaters. Furthermore soundproofing membrane has been laid to all floors like some afterthought. Obviously this is replacing a more expensive alternative that would have been an integral part of the building. Ventilation is also of concern as there is so much glass yet so few and such restricted window opes. The foyer which was supposed to be interior designed is completely bland and nondescript and could in no way be described as a grand entrance. It consists of a hallway with cream floor tiles and white painted walls. The only relief if you can call it that are the lift doors and two wooden doors one leading to the mailroom and the other the staircase. The lifts themselves are small and claustrophobic. The approach to the building still resembles a building site with paving ongoing and the carparking is not yet available for use though no explanation for this is forthcoming. I would be interested to hear the views of others in similar circumstances as we are now expected to complete.
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