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  1. Finally got our full deposit back after 8 weeks. Agent never responded to DPS. Had to wait 14 days then applied for single claims form from DPS. Had to find a solicitor to sign the form, for £5. Waited another 14 days for agent to respond, still no response from them, finally DPS paid deposit. After I received my deposit, agent tried calling my mobile, but I did not answer. Now taking Landlord to court over failing to repair leaking roof. We were unable to use one bedroom for over 15 months, because of the leaking roof. We sent a letter to the landlord telling him the difference of renting a 2 bed and 3 bed in the area was £90 a month and would be claiming £1,350 for non repairs and loss of use of the bedroom over the 15 months. Do you think this is fair?
  2. Already paid ,checkout yesterday,either landlord, or the agent,didn't turn up, no inventory done by them. Had phone call from agent saying,no one will be meeting you at the property,bring keys to office. Couldn't fined landlord address, forgot to take map, Took keys to,agent, who asked for my forwarding address, to make sure all utility bills are paid,told him that was my responsibility. He asked again for address saying they need it to pay back your deposit, I just left. Applied to get deposit back this morning,let you know what they try on.
  3. Many thanks doc and all others that replied,I did get an inventory clerk to come out today,she did say 70 but charged 45pound, and property was in good condition. For peace of mind. Cant afford to lose 925 pounds. I have sent landlord letter by recorded delivery, to day telling him if he or his agent don't turn up, at stated time, I will return the keys to his home or place of work.
  4. thanks flopsy,im paying 70 pounds for independent inventory clerk for check out,put landlord on 14days notice about 3weeks ago that i will take him to court under section 11,
  5. I have rented for 5 years and the landlord has failed to repair leaking roof for the last 18 months. I gave notice to the letting agent, they sent a letter asking me to return the keys on the checkout date to their office and they will then do the checkout the day after, without me being present. I told the agent if they don't attend on the day, send the landlord ( sent letter to landlord) and if he can not make it I will take the keys to his home or place of work, Can I do this? The agent, the landlord is now using is a different agent to the one that I signed the agreement with, I have not signed any agreement with this agent. But they have sent a list of things I must do, i.e. professionally clean carpets and oven, yet this was not done when I moved in. Should they go on the old agreement? I have a copy of the inventory check in, and deposit protected.
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