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  1. There isn't one. They've realised all parties are socialist so it doesn't matter.
  2. I never knew a load of ****** could be so beautifully written. Well done. There's always a ticket one way to socialist Europe if you'd prefer that lifestyle.
  3. Private healthcare company uses fear of NHS annihilation to get business. Shock.
  4. Do we need some more votes to shut these cretins up or what? How many you want? 3? 4? Remain is done. Jog on. To mainland Europe. That would seem to be your preference and mine. Win/win.
  5. Imagine the prices if immigration was limited to under 30,000 and credit was restricted to sub 4x1 earnings. There's no genuine human justification not to. None. The entire last 25 years has been an elite laugh at the expense of a huge amount of human quality of life.
  6. Yeah you're super duper awesome you are, and quite simply because you said so. The not-so-undercover Remainer ethos - "I'm just better than you. I'm that much better that you don't even realise". Now, where's my lager and convertible Merc keys? I have an unfounded stereotype to fulfill.
  7. We simply can't do anything where we can't make up something that helps us believe we know exactly what will happen! It's just too much anxiety! We're helpless if everything isn't infinitesimally planned for us! This country is in a perpetual state of anxiety. Personally, I prefer the JFDI approach.
  8. Oh look! It's that poster that doesn't say that £350m is going to be spent on the NHS. Don't let grammar and composition get in the way of a narrative, though.
  9. Assumption? Yeah. We all just guessed that life here had become more shite. You Remainers do come up with some turd in support of yourselves. This page alone is full of it.
  10. It's objectively true in your world. I have no counterargument to your beliefs. I previously set out my belief that voting decided that less people believe your beliefs than do believe something else. After all, most things are all about intangible belief and interpretation. Even if facts or 'facts' are presented, there may be 100 such facts available, but fact 101 may completely change or solidify a belief. Therefore the belief is the deciding factor, not facts. If facts rather than interpretation were king, we would be machine and without all the beauty of humanity. Democracy is supposed to settle argument via strength of numbers with peaceful vote. Unless, I suppose, it's decided in the face of a certain vote or set of votes that democracy is no longer to be employed, for either genuine or questionable reasons, depending on one's beliefs. We seem to be at a juncture of democracy. The sense of irony that seems to be inherent in this universe is quite something.
  11. Ah yes. The banks. The City. A transparent and truthful bunch. The subject of banking is conspicuous by its absence from all the Brexit goings on.
  12. The only threat to my liberty is giant government. So I voted to reduce it a notch. I don't expect you to understand. I can only tell you. Chucking insults is awesome. I never said I was nationalist.
  13. This is a giant game of 'my thoughts are better than your thoughts'. Which is one of the reasons voting exists. Nobody has a say in who's thoughts are better, so the system of voting was invented to see who had the majority of thought. It's the genius disguise of democracy that majority wins. But, I guess, this drawn out episode that is Brexit has highlighted, underscored, in italics with pointy arrows all over the place that 'winning' a vote is rarely full of value. We all know politicians are and always full of it, so how any of us have been duped into defending any of them or their positions is beyond me. Aaaaaaah freedom. And so I come to the point of my leave vote. To strip away an unnecessary and self-serving layer of control in order that I may have further chances to address another layer of unnecessary and self-serving control. Otherwise I'm just surrendering through an unhealthy combination fear and apathy. Which is a mental disease that no medication can fix.
  14. What if the motive of the creation of the single market was to create a large protectionist block thereby removing choice and instigating centralised control overseen by an unelected few? Leaving it would open up alternatives hitherto disallowed by those unelected folk. If leaving was allowed. Aaaaaaah freedom. The Remainer premise seems to rest entirely on a 'choice' between blue and yellow cake, or death.
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