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  1. There isn't one. They've realised all parties are socialist so it doesn't matter.
  2. I never knew a load of ****** could be so beautifully written. Well done. There's always a ticket one way to socialist Europe if you'd prefer that lifestyle.
  3. Private healthcare company uses fear of NHS annihilation to get business. Shock.
  4. Do we need some more votes to shut these cretins up or what? How many you want? 3? 4? Remain is done. Jog on. To mainland Europe. That would seem to be your preference and mine. Win/win.
  5. Imagine the prices if immigration was limited to under 30,000 and credit was restricted to sub 4x1 earnings. There's no genuine human justification not to. None. The entire last 25 years has been an elite laugh at the expense of a huge amount of human quality of life.
  6. Yeah you're super duper awesome you are, and quite simply because you said so. The not-so-undercover Remainer ethos - "I'm just better than you. I'm that much better that you don't even realise". Now, where's my lager and convertible Merc keys? I have an unfounded stereotype to fulfill.
  7. We simply can't do anything where we can't make up something that helps us believe we know exactly what will happen! It's just too much anxiety! We're helpless if everything isn't infinitesimally planned for us! This country is in a perpetual state of anxiety. Personally, I prefer the JFDI approach.
  8. Oh look! It's that poster that doesn't say that £350m is going to be spent on the NHS. Don't let grammar and composition get in the way of a narrative, though.
  9. Assumption? Yeah. We all just guessed that life here had become more shite. You Remainers do come up with some turd in support of yourselves. This page alone is full of it.
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