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  1. Yada etc. The argument of the clueless. A Remainer talking about not being scared. Lol of the day. I know you lost the last vote, but tough.
  2. The same people that absolutely must have a brand new telly at Christmas that absolutely must get bigger than the last one and absolutely must not only have a clear picture, or a super clear picture, but a super duper uber clear picture. Oh and it must take up a whole wall.
  3. Noallegiance

    Nationwide Dec 18

    From the BBC: "The Nationwide's chief economist, Robert Gardner, told the BBC the severity of the slowdown was unexpected: "It is a little bit surprising that house price growth has slowed as much as it has in the last month or so. "It seems to be the uncertain economic outlook that is really weighing on buyer sentiment. I think once that lifts then things should start to pick up to normal levels of about 2%." Because, as every obedient citizen knows, 'normal' is and should be at least a dream-crushing, future-sapping 2%. Otherwise....... well...... It's just not normal....... Is it?
  4. Noallegiance

    What this man says....

    I'd say cynicism is closer to truth than people realise. There are plenty of instances of prior officials of high office changing their narrative when their narrative no longer affects things. In fact, it's a subtle trait of people in general.
  5. Noallegiance

    Nationwide Dec 18

    +2.6% for 2017 down to +0.5% for 2018.
  6. There appears to be confusion over what capitalism is. The clue is in the name. Growth isn't a prerequisite, either.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46203869
  8. Noallegiance

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    We're making sure they don't do anything irresponsible with their own stuff.... apparently. Freedom of choice is alive and well. Couldn't write it.
  9. This is why this thread is pointless. The comments stay the same. Either result was possible. What concerns me most is that over two years have passed and the bitterness and fear of remainers grows. No need to be scared. I hope remainers aren't all as morose and petrified in their professional or personal affairs. That makes for rubbish team members. Or do they sulk and rationalise in increasing intensity in other circumstances, too? Laters. I might pop back on March 30. Maybe.
  10. Not hyperbole. How I feel. Which is all anyone really has. Your voiding all arguments if you say I'm voting for a different set of elites. By inference you accept that you desire to remain with the current set of elites, with whom I have had enough. Hence my vote. It's really far more simple and less dark than remainers cling to.
  11. First time I've been on this thread in a long time and it's taken reading one page to see that remainers are still clinging to the biggest load of self-serving made up rationalising bolleaux I've ever seen. I don't hate migrants. I see the immigration system that balloons our country's population to unmanageable levels and dislike the effects it has. I don't hate Europeans. I dislike that we are under the control of people for whom I cannot vote. Once I can vote for a politician that can't hide behind the EU, I'll boot them out at the ballot as well if I dislike what they're doing to this country. I don't see Brexit as the end game. It isn't the fix. It's the start of people waking up to their feeling that they can be their own government. I agree that it is a global problem. Government the world over is too big, too financially costly, and too costly on freedom. Hopefully, the new versions of accountable British government in the coming years won't know what hit them come election times. Divide and conquer is true. But it is us who have begun to divide the elites. And do they not like it.
  12. Noallegiance

    Gold strategy in the current economy

    I started researching this economic stuff in 2010, so I don't have much of a frame of reference, but it's the first time I've seen the yellow stuff mentioned on the Beeb: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/business-45836401

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