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  1. Reminds of the BBC weatherman who, about 4 weeks ago, informed the watching millions "... and the best of the sunshine will be during the day...". We pay money for this!
  2. Not been on here since August 2nd. Not updated own site since 8th September: http://www.houseprices.uk.net/articles/house_price_predictor/ I thought his analysis was always balanced and cut through some of the hyperbole we sometimes come across on here. Anyone know where he is?
  3. Looks to me like they're suggesting house prices yoy -30% which has risen from the previous estimates of yoy -40% over the last couple of months. I think -40% was not sustainable or realistic and I think Spline might already have said that the actual falls we will see will be an average of the estimated falls over an extended period like 6 months or so.
  4. Probably been said already (haven't read the whole thread) but the average house price has historically been around 4x the average salary.
  5. Not been checking so much recently. So imagine my surprise and delight when I looked at Home.co.uk today and find that prices in Torquay are well down on a year ago and more modestly up on 2000. Asking prices: Detached -16% YoY Semi -37% Terraced -19% Flat +9% And volumes are down as well: Detached -43% YoY Semi -79% Terraced -56% Flat -65% Three bed terrace sold for £125k recently and £100k in 2002. Averaging ca +4% per annum. Much more healthy IMO.
  6. I've not read the full thread so this may have already been stated but it looks as though these prices take us back to around 2003. Not bad IMO.
  7. She's a psychodynamic psychotherapist. Not a psychologist or psychiatrist. She could possibly be no more qualified than the village idiot to determine whether anyone is mentally ill or should be sectioned.
  8. Yep, realise that hence the request for the earlier data. Seems I've missed EDM's graph. Does that go back further? Could anyone point me to it?
  9. Nationwide quote the long-term average ratio as being 4 but that only goes as far as 1983. Are these data available prior to 1983 or does anyone know the longer-term average ratio?
  10. Thanks for that. I've been thinking for ages now that the current bubble is distorting the trend line massively.
  11. 41, clinical psychologist, renting (£675 pm on £180k 3-bed semi) in Devon. Would have bought when moved down here five years ago but within 6 months house prices had accelerated beyond our reach (blessing in disguise?). No savings anymore (three kids!) but no debts either. Hoping to buy in 5 years when things have settled down, endownment matures (!?) and have had a chance to save a bit.
  12. There used to be a site showing an animated map of the UK with colours representing HPI changing as the months went by. Does anyone else remember this and know where it can be viewed?
  13. When I lived in King's Lynn the local rag would publish an annual crime map. Made my choice of area to live a lot easier and I don't remember much of an outcry.
  14. Some good reading in the latest Latest Land Registry report: Devon -0.3 (MoM) 2.4 (YoY) Torbay -1.7 (MoM) -3.6 (YoY) Also in the recent Home.co.uk report: Torquay Detached +3% YoY Semi -10% Terraced -8% Flat -3% And volumes are down as well: Detached -50% YoY Semi -53% Terraced -54% Flat -50%
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