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  1. Don't think I could bring myself to spend that much money on a phone to be honest. If it was free and then you paid monthly that would suit me fine. But to pay hundreds and then continue to pay monthly seems to much. I think the money could be better spent on other things...
  2. great davice guys, thanks very much for getting back to me. I'm taking a note of it all! Need to take a bit of time to study that website as well. Thanks again folks.
  3. It's probably the top 100 employers as outlined in the Times top 100 employers of graduate employers. £29,000 starting salary is not common I wouldn't think. I graduated last year and am nowhere near that. The PwC graduate scheme offers £24,000 to start with I believe, and that has been rated the top graduate employer for 6 years running or something. This must be a London-centric survey.
  4. Whitecoffee


    Potholes definately have alot to do with this, they are a nightmare where I am. There's even been holes appearing on the pavement which have had to be filled in. Now there are patches of soft tar on the pavement.
  5. I would go and talk to teh landlord as well, you'll probably find that he is perfectly reasonable and willing to accomodate your needs for the time that you need the place.
  6. Brilliant, good stuff. I'll make sure I do that as soon as possibloe. Thanks very much for the advice, it's one of those things that you will be so glad you did if something should go wrong or there is a dispute later on. Thanks again.
  7. So are we better to keep our savings in Euros just now and then exchange them to Sterling? I am having a similar issue at the moment. Just wanted to be sure that that was the general consensus here. Cheers
  8. Definately, it appears that those renting are being ignored entirely, or just not thought about in the first place.
  9. I'm always amazed at the readiness of so many people aho buy houses at auction. I would be far too apprehensive to do this. I couldn't live with myself if I bought a property which turned out to be a disaster, or proved to be a complete drain on my finances. It does seem to be the case, as plummet expert said, that houses up for auction are there for a reason. I always get the feeling they're hiding something.
  10. I would go for it if I was you. If you like the area and its proximity to work, schools etc, then get stuck in. I always quite enjoyed the idea of having to refurbish my house, its an exciting sort of project to get involved in I think. Like Cartimandua said, it doesn't have to be immaculate if you're only going to be there for 5 years.
  11. Its the same around me, I have been looking pretty frequently on various websites and rarely come across a flat I haven't already seen. It appears that the same properties ae staying on the market for quite a while as well.
  12. Hi everyone. I am going to be looking at renting a flat in a couple of months, and was wonderig if anyone had some good tips. This will be the first time I have rented a property and I don't want to get myself into unnecessary bother a few months down the line. Thanks in advance for any advice, its much appreciated
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