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  1. The cheap to extract stuff is certainly beginning to run out, the newer stuff coming on line is very expensive to extract.
  2. China is waiting to take them to the dry cleaners and have been wanting to do so since before the Berlin Wall came down.
  3. Time to deploy Unexplained Wealth Orders. How are they going to pay for expensive lawyers if they are covered by sanctions?😁
  4. Agreed, we are also easier to pick on compared to the US or EU. Most Russian Gold was exported to the UK. There is probably something special about the UK that will hurt more than average as we haven't really touched the oligarchs much yet (or may be they are hoping we won't).
  5. And we haven't even been the toughest on sanctions! sounds like the sanction are working.
  6. I'd love to know what was in the back of the IL-76 from Iraq to Ukraine a few days ago... I'd put Georgia and Moldova in joint first place for next on the list. Lots of Canadian planes arriving.
  7. The Russian extraction costs for O&G are high and China apparently wants to pay less than cost price for the gas. Some of this is related to generous contract cost involving oligarchs. (As I witnessed a very long time ago on one early western involvement in Russian O+G and it has got far far worse since.) Russian oil extraction cost are at least double Saudi's and the oil isn't great quality wise needing more refining than most. China know they have a good negotiating position with Russia now and will be thanking the US and Europe.
  8. It looks like Lavrov (or some one else senior) is on the way to Washington at the moment and should arrive in about 2.5 hours time. Russian has apparently turned off the support taps to Syria when the invasion of Ukraine started so think could start to kick of again there in the near future. Putin whinging about the sanctions having little effect and wanting to normalise economic relations with the west yesterday suggests that they are starting to work and will end up having a big impact in due course. The Russian O&G sector is very reliant on the west and being cut of won't have much short term impact on extraction (sales of production is a bit different). Medium and Long term they will struggle. At least 1/3rd of Russia Steel exports based on recent year averages are already directly covered by sanctions and many of the others will be to as there is no easy way for payments to be made from countries yet to impose sanctions.
  9. The levels he has been taking isolating and distancing too suggest something is up e.g. his immune system is known to be a weakened a bit e.g. chemo, T2 diabetes, less aggressive forms of leukaemia?
  10. The one thing we've learn from the last few weeks is that the Bond directors writers have been making their "long tables" too short!
  11. Skynews live feed: Losing the information warfare battle isn't going down well in Moscow then.
  12. A few small groups moving in an out will tie up a lot of Russians on the flanks or they take the hit on convoys. There will be plenty of small groups of thinly spread Russians to pick off with guerrilla action. I wasn't talking about large scale action on the flanks just guerrilla. There seems to be some success in targeting convoys in the last 48 hours.
  13. Agreed, even a few simple road blocks will slow progress and increase fuel consumption. The Russians now have huge flanks to protect from guerrilla action which will tie up huge numbers of their troops.
  14. As have ourselves and the US previously over the last 7 years and earlier this year, the question is how quickly will the new equipment get to the Ukrainian western border and then onwards. A least half of it needs to be in Ukraine in the next 48 hours if not already before resupply becomes much harder.
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