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  1. With Foxtons responsible for some of the most bonkers price increases in mini areas of SW17 over the last half decade not being the most bonkers is quite an achievement.
  2. I'm willing to bet Mr Pendleton will survive as he founded his business in a slight down turn having worked as an EA in the previous downturn.
  3. The mail is a bit late to the party on top end sliding - but better late than never!
  4. koala_bear

    DOW falls 1100 points

    I only caught up with the news after the market closed, I remember watching Bloomberg the evening of the previous biggest fall thinking I probably would never see a fall that big again. OK this one is bigger in points terms but the previous one was larger in % terms.
  5. Yep - I'd be surprised if 2/3rds of the ex GM Europe factories don't close. This is the second round of Job losses in 6 months at Elsemere Port. The public are voting with their wallets and "buying" less and buying other brands. I always suspects PSA bought it to largely run down so they had less competition and a better chance of selling their products.
  6. koala_bear

    How many tower blocks will be condemned?

    A newsnight journalist did very good article at the end of last week on how to get round the standards on cladding: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40465399
  7. koala_bear

    General Election Prediction Poll

    Probably not as Jo Swinson will probably be more popular than Farron
  8. koala_bear

    Land Registry - April 2017 +1.3%

    Yep time to dig out the old threads from 2008 onwards where we had the lag calculated. I seem to remember that LR lag was circa 5.5 to 6 months but transactions processed and indices may be calculated slightly quicker almost a decade on.
  9. Anything that reduces tax revenues is unlikely as the opposite will be needed to help pay more to NI for the DUP for its support ...
  10. koala_bear

    Market's wind is picking up

    Indeed - the issue is that there won't be much happening transaction wise while the period of price discovery is on going
  11. koala_bear

    General Election Prediction Poll

    Housing Minister lost his seat...
  12. Interesting thought on where PCP has spread from Cars: Sky have recently launched a mobile network claiming to be different with one of the features being that you can upgrade early, the whole set up is based on a PCP phone loan rather than a traditional phone contract.
  13. Someone in the industry told me last year that Merc had seen the biggest increase in new cars leaving the forecourt ("sold" is the wrong word!) in recent years due to innovative financing - admittedly playing catch up with some of the others having been late to the party.
  14. koala_bear

    London is most drastic for plastic

    Indeed silly not to use CC for the added security benefits in addition to cash flow. I've spent a six figure sum on CC over the years (including oyster) but have paid off in full every month and never paid a penny in interest. Many people in those areas also have jobs with large expenses that you get reimbursed for later which CC is very useful for. [A form of corporate credit by proxy] I bet Experian hasn't picked up on these nuances. Rail season ticket purchases are falling in London being replaced with more flexible Oyster/contact-less usage instead

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