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  1. That is a lot of 2022 rises to reverse: 7.2% up this year (roughly by adding the %ages together [I know, not scientific!]), 4 months to achieve it ... I would love that as a Christmas present but just cannot see it at the moment ... fingers crossed, though.
  2. Not going to contradict you at all TI, you have pretty much described my situation bang on. Once I have bought my pile of bricks at a sensible value on a sensible multiple of my earnings I will not care if they fall further.
  3. Rejoice! The base rate has been lifted to 1.75% so that it is only 7.65% below CPI and 10.05% below RPI. An economy ran for debttards.
  4. Average at end of December 2021 was £254,822 according to Natuonwide (https://www.nationwidehousepriceindex.co.uk/reports/uk-house-prices-end-the-year-at-a-record-high-with-annual-price-growth-in-double-digits). 5% increase during 2022 would make that £267,563. Currently £271,209 according to Nationwide (https://www.nationwidehousepriceindex.co.uk/reports/annual-house-price-growth-stays-in-double-digits-as-july-sees-twelfth-successive-monthly-increase). So yes, for the annual increase to fall to 5% then they will have to fall best part of £4k in 5 months. Possible? I realise that it is Zoopla are making the prediction and I have used Nationwide figures but I had Nationwide to hand and cannot be bothered to get Zoopla figures! Someone else can do that!!
  5. Just done my usual weekly search ... Bournemouth, past 7 days, no other criteria ... pre-covid averaged 230, post-covid was as low as 130 for quite a while ... has been ticking up past few months through 160 then 170, 183 last week, 192 this week ... getting there numbers wise, unfortunately still ridiculous kite-flying prices pretty much across the board.
  6. BoE 4th August, Fed 27th July (I believe).
  7. I voted 0.50% but would not be at all surprised if they still did a paltry and insignificant 0.25%. For information I note that Canada has just done a full 1.00%: https://financialpost.com/news/economy/bank-of-canada-hikes-interest-rate-100-basis-points#Echobox=1657720974 EDIT: sorry, just scrolled down and found the Canadian Post! Kinda shoulda really known that someone on here would have already have posted about it 😄!
  8. The greedy and selfish rich playing real life monopoly under-utilising using the existing resource, enabled by a political class that allows them to do so by favouring a tax policy that benefits them. Maybe we need to list some high profile housing resource under-utilisers, just in the UK? I'll start ... Rishi "4 house" Sunak ... Tony "10 houses and 27 flats" Blair ... maybe there should be a website where house under-utilisers are listed with the number of houses that are under-utilising, and then people would actually get what our political classes are allowing to happen to us in plain sight. Houses should be for living in, not to show off wealth at the expense of the ordinary Jo/Joe on the street. EDIT: Apparently Sunak has 4 UK houses, not 9.
  9. Strikingly similar to some research I did a while ago: Is there a link to the Telegraph that I can read for free since they seem to have stolen my research 😅?!
  10. Wait ... July 2021 was -0.5, so any fall less than -0.5 in the July 2022 figure will show an increase in the yoy next month from the current 10.7? F. me the past year has been crazy. Total mind control, FOMO, YOLO call it what you want, but total mind control.
  11. They will just parrot "at least we don't have Corbyn" without realising that that line came straight from the billionaire owned mainstream media.
  12. Someone needs to insert the picture of the world's tiniest violin. Sadly, still "making" £100 per month which isn't bad for doing sweet fa.
  13. Well yes, once matters are taken out of their hands then they will have to act more aggressively but until then 0.25% all the way if savers are lucky.
  14. As above, no chance. Token piddly 0.25% rises in the next few meetings if savers are lucky, with any excuse not to raise at all gratefully received and accepted. GBP can go to hell, only poor people suffer with inflation. HPI is all the UK has, it is the only game in town.
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