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  1. I love this graph from their report ... average asking price pre lockdown ~£312000, stamp duty 'temporarily' removed and prices go up by about 3% to just over £320000 (correlation or causation) ... then, a bit of a mania because of the tax relief and now seemingly heading back down to where they were as reality starts to kick in. What a strange country we are when it comes to simple shelter.
  2. First Jan fall since 2012 if I am reading Forex Factory correctly ...
  3. Disappointingly but predictably up. Does anyone really expect anything else? The majority of the UK populace are idiots who think that an expensive and ever rising price of shelter is a good thing and should be celebrated.
  4. Good work, and good stuff. Hopefully the beginning of a trend and not a blip.
  5. Sadly just that time of the year in a non-seasonally adjusted index ... review previous falls in November here: https://www.forexfactory.com/calendar?week=nov15.2020 ... every year Nov and Dec are falls. In fact the fall of 0.5 this Nov is actually lower than every year I can be bothered to check against. Depressing.
  6. What a sick economic system we are currently living in.
  7. June 2020 Rightmove: £337,884 Nationwide: £216,403 Delusion Index: 1.561 EDIT: to say, a new record?!
  8. If I am reading this correctly, we are now below the Jul-18 average. But this is the first annual drop (of a piddly 0.1%) in 5 years? What gives?
  9. https://www.premierpropertyeducation.co.uk/online-masterclass-27-05-20-nhp?mc_cid=8029a02260&mc_eid=46dcdf8e41
  10. This made me smile! Get better soon!!
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