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  1. danlee74

    Property Log

    As a weekly user of the wonderful Property Log tool, I donate where I can … re-reading this thread, GB only needs about £70 per month to cover the server costs … rather courteously GB sends emails thanking donations, this was in this months email response: … come on all, if we are using the tool then surely we can give a couple of quid once in a while to fund it? Like others, I do not have a Paypal account, but I do know someone who has an account that I can use and reimburse them. I realise that not everyone can afford to donate but surely within 4000 users we can cover £70 per month? As always, great work with the tool GB, much appreciated! EDIT TO ADD: http://www.propertylog.net/donate
  2. danlee74

    RICS -10% balance

    Cannot find a report on this on BBC yet ... is this usually reported on?
  3. danlee74

    Property Log

    Hello GB I am another without a PayPal account, but the missus has an account so I have used that … not much I am afraid but hopefully many more can add to the fund to cover the costs you have incurred. Great work as ever, keep it up! Cheers!!
  4. Done. But my, what a pain in the behind of a survey. Should take 15 minutes? Certainly aimed at those who have time (ie. retired landlords with no full time employment).
  5. Feb 06 2.7% Feb 07 0.9% Feb 08 3.2% Feb 09 1.2% Feb 10 3.2% Feb 11 3.1% Feb 12 4.1% Feb 13 2.8% Feb 14 3.3% Feb 15 2.1% Feb 16 2.9% Feb 17 2.0% Feb 18 0.8% ... so, lowest ever, even lower than 2007. Let us hope for similar, hopefully more.
  6. danlee74

    Boomers will never get it

    +1 This is me. Born 1974, unfortunate brain haemorrhage at 19 (1993) understandably pushed me back a few years. By the time I was ready to buy (2003/04) property prices were insane. Ever since, government policy of ever supporting bubble prices has meant that I have never seen any value in the market. Friends who didn't suffer a brain haemorrhage bought at the earliest opportunity (late 90's so before a few years of 10-20% HPI) so are now sitting in places worth hundreds of thousands of pounds more than they should be in a proper functioning market. Sickening. Funnily enough, after more than a few pub discussions about how lucky they are they no longer talk to me about that particular subject. Happily, looking at Facebook likes and shares some of them are beginning to "get it" ... I wonder if it has anything to do with their children now being teenagers and they can now see the world that they are being confronted with?
  7. danlee74

    Nutella price crash - new recipe

    Like the stuff but stopped buying a few years ago when got informed about the evils of Palm Oil #saynotopalmoil
  8. danlee74

    When BoE will go for next rate rise

    Personally, unless forced, I don't think there will be a rate rise in 2018 ... would love there to be, just can't see it ... I can, however, see quite a bit of "looking through temporary bouts of high inflation" ... got to keep those house prices high, and mustn't pop that bubble on a bubble! However, if Carnage does go any time next year then all bets are off!
  9. Indeed ... does anyone think that given the benefit of hindsight they would have let the whole house of cards collapse when they got in back in 2010?
  10. Also, I have to wonder if this is the completely insane kite-flying initial asking price, or are any asking price reductions to just-a-little-bit-less-than-completely insane kite-flying prices taken into account?
  11. danlee74

    Is Property bee working for you ?

    Not working for me either ... no need to use WrongMove until Property Bee is fixed! I do wonder if WM keep changing their code to prevent PB giving reasonable clarity to price drops from initial asking?!
  12. danlee74

    Henning Vehn (Comedy Gold!)

    I will try to type it: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/an-immigrants-guide-to-britain

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