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  1. https://www.premierpropertyeducation.co.uk/online-masterclass-27-05-20-nhp?mc_cid=8029a02260&mc_eid=46dcdf8e41
  2. This made me smile! Get better soon!!
  3. Guessed at 5% based on current numbers of closed cases https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/: Active Cases 41,503 Currently Infected Patients 34,105 (82%) in Mild Condition 7,398 (18%) Serious or Critical Show Graph Jan 22Feb 03Feb 15Feb 27Jan 26Jan 30Feb 07Feb 11Feb 19Feb 23050k100k Show Statistics Closed Cases 48,791 Cases which had an outcome: 45,705 (94%) Recovered / Discharged 3,086 (6%) Deaths Show Graph
  4. In a safe Tory seat … 57.9% win, 2nd place Lab 29.4% … electorate 73,796 turnout 67.6% … very, very little chance of change here … I am still voting Labour as I did in 2017. The manifesto looks good to me, a lot in it that is good for the average punter. But then again, I am a very averagely paid employee in a private company and so not earning £80,000 (not that I think that at that earnings level a few extra quid per month into the public coffers for a better society is a bad thing).
  5. Not enough of a profit obviously ... all landlords are entitled to more than they are currently "earning".
  6. Am I not understanding the problem ... old person wants to sell, bought property in the 80's at £50K that is now "worth" £400K meaning a tax-free unearned gain of £350K and they are complaining about paying a % or 2 to the government and that is the problem? Am I meant to feel sorry for them and offer to pay more of my barely average earned income to cover the tax take shortfall?! I am being unreasonable?
  7. There once was a Delusion Index but I have not seen it updated for a while (last updated on this thread (?) June 17 …): EDIT: this is obviously Nationwide data, not LR ...
  8. According to the table on page 2 (https://www.nationwide.co.uk/-/media/MainSite/documents/about/house-price-index/2019/Sep_Q3_2019.pdf) the average price in Oct-18 was £214,534 ... Sep-19 was £215,352 so a decrease in Oct-19 of £818 would put it even, any more of a decrease will put it "negative growth". Watch them pull something out ... I feel like I have just done the work of a Nationwide housing 'expert' for October for no reward!
  9. How can I find out if my landlord lives overseas? Is it as easy as asking the letting agent?
  10. Agreed. However, it is relatively more costly than doing nothing, burying the head in the sand and still looking like a management genius due to the short-term inflated profits, and just hoping that you are not the one carrying the can when the SHTF.
  11. As a weekly user of the wonderful Property Log tool, I donate where I can … re-reading this thread, GB only needs about £70 per month to cover the server costs … rather courteously GB sends emails thanking donations, this was in this months email response: … come on all, if we are using the tool then surely we can give a couple of quid once in a while to fund it? Like others, I do not have a Paypal account, but I do know someone who has an account that I can use and reimburse them. I realise that not everyone can afford to donate but surely within 4000 users we can cover £70 per month? As always, great work with the tool GB, much appreciated! EDIT TO ADD: http://www.propertylog.net/donate
  12. Cannot find a report on this on BBC yet ... is this usually reported on?
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