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  1. The north coast where I am living at the moment Santander area has a lot of rain. Also, comment about property grab etc in worst case scenarion, Im sorry thats a bit far fetched really isn't it? Just dont look at Almeria etc. If a problem like that occured in Spain, it would be Global and owning a house in the UK would be just as unsafe. I am seeing now on sites like Thinkspain a lot more lower priced properties etc. More affordable on the north coast now, Extremadura a lot of cheaper places but its a bit out of the way. One problem is I can forsee is deciding you like a house, transfer your money to Euros to buy then the Euro collapses!
  2. Hi its on the North Sea, East Lothian. Freak waves only occur usually far out at sea surely? Unless it is a tsunami. There is somehing off Norway called the 'Storegga slides' this has created a Tsunami 5000 years ago. Its not something that would keep me up at night though.
  3. Hello, Currently frustrated with house market and its stagnation, ie should be falling but not! I have seen a 1 bedroom 2nd floor flat. It is all ok, good HIP report etc (In Scotland). At ground level it is 7metres above sea level. It is near the sea, but there is a wall and also a reef then the sea starts. On the SEPA website, it says it is in the risk zone green. So I was wondering if anyone has advice/tips. If its 7metres high, surely all it is at risk is from 100 year storms? Not even sea level rises, ie wont rise this much in 100 years. Perhaps I should point this out and offer less! If anyone can let me know, Thanks!
  4. This first poster is similar to me although I have less available but can settle in a cheap area. This site seems to have a lot of people these days saying 'buy gold, it will be like zimbabwe soon'. It is hard in my area for jobs but I am mostly self employed. Ie the dilema is if I spent the money on a house then it needed a new roof, where would I get 10,000 from? As a FTB I dont know if that is covered in insurance. My view was after the large fall announced a few weeks ago, was its ok. I am not looking to make massive profits, after all that is surely what Bulls in the housing market over the last ten years were up to arent the gold bugs now guilty of similar boom mentality? I just want to get a small place outright then try to get a small pension. Now with QE2, the hyperinflationists are out in force again. Which obviously is worrying. So I am 34, what actually did happen to house prices in the large inflation environment in the 70s? If one was in a similar situation to now, ie enough money for a house, did inflation run away so much that house prices went beyond savings with interest?
  5. Perhaps the builders I e mailed a few months ago about a nice small 1 or 2 bed build will get back to me after no replying to e mails or phone calls when they were busy building oversized 5 bed homes. I found the way they deal with you if you only want a small plave arrogant, after all they are not RIBA Architects, they are just builders making little boxes. I do not wish slow business for anyone but perhaps a slowdown will give them a reality check.
  6. 'Portugal and Italy look quite tempting ' any links? how r u protecting your money? I dont want to risk it in gold. If I commit on Europe is a euro account insanity?
  7. Thanks for links. Seems like where I am 'Scottish west coast' seems overpriced in comparison. However, I would prefer to stay here. What are houses doing in Iceland? Seriously, I should think they will be cheap now? I reserve my one right next to the big volcano, lol.
  8. I am on an island here, not saying which one. Same here, but there are quite a few 'lowered prices'. Ive seen some realistic prices, some overpriced in my opinion. Although I want to stay here, it begins to look overpriced when you compare it to warmer parts of Europe ie portugal, spain, brittany, italy etc. I basically think that a lot of 'outlanders' have bought up here, you see a lot of English (i am half English) but older couples buying here. To me they dont seem highflying types, ie the kind you get in cheaper parts of Spain etc. Nothing wrong with that perhaps, but the problem is they buy up in cheap places. On the other hand it is a good place for me to start a new business. ie I know all the ins and outs of UK law, tax, imports, exports etc. New business in Italy, Spain etc has lots more red tape. Also, I dont like the heat all the time as I get burned easily, even here I get that in these months. In my opinion I think prices will go down here eventually. ie lots of public service jobs. Not sure they will go down that much. Quite a few locals appear well off, probably can afford to buy their children homes etc. And I beleive public service cuts wont be so severe in these regions as there really is little else and it would cause revolt! lol.
  9. I assumed this would happen in Galicia and the north coast of Spain, I cannot find evidence of this happening in this area, anyone know? Ha ha blinktoofast, I work in steel mainly and that much would need a bigger shed to store it in!
  10. What to do with 80,000? Hi, I am planning on buying a very small place with this money that will come to me as an inheritance. the place will have a small place to do some metalwork/sclpture, either that or can get a metal shed. Yes, house prices are cheaper where I am in the UK. I want to be within distance of the sea, where I can surf and paddle. Dont need to be right on seafront but within say 25 miles max. As a free agent, without debts, mortgage wife etc. Can anyone advise me if there is anywhere else in Europe (preferably Atlantic) where I could get something with a small garden for a very small workshop shed for this money? I am self employed but am considering TEFL as some extra income. I was looking at Galicia in Spain, however prices there seem to have zoomed up even some run down barn with manure and tetanus is 60,000!!! Perhaps prices here will fall but dont seem to. Also, the Cadiz area in Spain prices seem to be holding. I would happily consider northern Portugal but not researched it and would have to learn the language, I know some Spanish. Another idea I had was IF house prices either decline or stall and do not go up with inflation, I can just bank the money and go abroad to rent a place then think about buying back in the UK if I want to 'settle down' unlikely as I am 34 already. I feel it is criminal that having this money coming, I have to worry about it devaluing due to the incompetancy of the last government. In the past one could happily bank it and travel the world. In this propery obsessed Hello magazne trash culture we all now have a Hobson's Choice when it comes to savings. I might just do the easy option to just get a place here and start my metalwork but want to make sure I know of alternatives. Many Thanks for any help.
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